June 20, 2011


***Updated: July 2015***

(This “about me” was last updated in June 2011…. some things have changed since then).


Hello, there! My name is Barbara and my maiden name is Dooley- hence the blog name. Do you like that play on words?


I was born in Louisiana as an Army brat, but grew up on the Central Coast of California. I moved to sunny San Diego in 2001 to finish college. I met my handsome and witty better-half, Matt, at a bar in October 2007, although he doesn’t remember that magical moment- he thinks we met at a different bar in December 2007… you might be thinking that perhaps we shouldn’t have been going to so many bars and perhaps you’re right, but we were in our 20’s and going out every weekend is like a rite of passage in your 20’s. The thought of doing that now makes me shiver with dislike.¬†We got married in June 2012 and had a bowling after-party, after our reception, at the bar that we met at. Not the bar that he thought we met at.


After waiting the requisite* 1-year-of-marriage, we found out we were expecting a little baby in July 2013 (due April 4, 2014)! After having a really good pregnancy and preparing + planning for an all-natural, un-medicated birth (and not even thinking that it might not happen- wow), our little girl, Charlotte, arrived 15 days late and the birth was the hardest, longest thing I’ve ever been through- emotionally, mentally and physically. You can read all about that lovely time, here. I think I will always be emotionally scarred by that whole experience. BUT, now she’s a little toddler and I’m one of those annoying people that say “I can’t imagine my life without her!!” However, I won’t say “I can’t remember my life before her” because you know what? I can :)


Anywho, why do I write this blog? Well….. good question. I started it a few years ago as a way to document my DIY projects, what I was cooking/baking and what Matt and I were up to in our super jam-packed fun life. I literally cringe when I look at some of my first posts. Who let me post awful photos like that? What was I thinking? The blog has kind of morphed into an online journal over the years and there are fewer and fewer DIY and creative projects and more posts about us as a family of 3 and our daughter. My priorities have obviously shifted. I also work outside the home full-time and since no one has figured out how to make more hours in the day, my blog gets a little dusty at times.


Things I like: making lists, fountain drinks, cleaning, Yogurtland, organizing, Real Housewives of Orange County, crafting, details, details, details, HGTV and Better Homes and Garden magazine, planning anything, Trader Joe’s, baking, Excel, cheese, getting fun snail mail, Autumn, reading, Frye boots, traveling somewhere new, eating out.


Things I don’t like: people talking on the phone while in the store, any kind of unusual meat, cleaning the toilet, wasting food, small talk, judge-y parents, that my family lives so far away, paying full price for anything, flaky people.


*It’s not really a requisite, but a lot of people wait for a year… not sure why?