Oasis Camel Farm

July 28, 2016

A couple weekends ago we ventured deep into Ramona for the Watermelon Day event at Oasis Camel Farm.


This has been on my “list of things to do/see” for the last few years. I’ve just been waiting for Charlotte to be old enough to enjoy it. She loooooooooves animals and is always talking about them and wanting to see them, so I figured this was the year to go!



{Saying hello.}



{I have no idea who this lady is, but I thought it was hilarious that the camels swarmed on her when she backed up with the watermelon that they inhaled.}



{Saying “hi” to the sheep.}








{Not ready to pet the camel yet.}



{The one-finger pet.}



{This picture cracks me up. I want to get it framed. Charlotte is just cooking away and the donkey is just checking in on things.}


The farm was much smaller than I thought it would be, but a lot of fun none-the-less. And it was perfect for this age. The camels were so cool! We got huge chunks of watermelon with our entrance fee and the camels literally ate the watermelon directly from our hands. Charlotte was skeptical of this and insisted that mommy and daddy feed the camels, so we fed them while she watched. At the very end, before we were going to leave, she finally worked up the courage to pet one.


The owners of the farm had a little show/talk and it was so informative- talked about camels milk, myths about camels, their experience with them, they had a show with a camel and some other animals.


There was also an area where there were donkey’s and sheep. There was an area where you could pet and feed them. There were also birds, dogs, chickens, turkey’s, etc. So many fun animals to look at. Unfortunately Charlotte was too young for the camel rides (you have to be 3), so we may be heading back next year if she’s still talking about riding them :)

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