Beach Days

July 25, 2016

We finally made it to the beach!


We went once last summer. The one time we went, it happened to be the same exact Saturday (the Saturday before my birthday). Ironic, no?


We got to our spot around 10am. It was a little foggy across the way, but sunny too. We played in the sand and waded into the water and the fog kept rolling in an out. Finally around 12 pm it rolled in and didn’t look like it was going anywhere and it started getting more windy. Plus the tide was really coming up so it was either a) move to a different spot, or b) call it a day. We decided to call it a day.














Charlotte had a good time. She was dancing all over the place, walking in and out of the water. By the end she was literally doing belly-flops onto the sand castles we were making. Lucky for us, we tried the baby powder trick and it worked like a charm (rub baby powder on the sand on your body and it comes right off!).


I feel like we have our beach system down so we’ll be going more often now. Of course now that we’re 30 minutes from the beach, we’ll make it a point to go more often.

– 1 tent (comes in a really small, simple over-the-shoulder bag)

– 2 beach chairs (worn backpack style)

– 1 bag with towels and sand toys

– 1 bag with dry food/snacks and essentials (sunscreen, water, change of clothes, wipes, etc)

– 1 small cooler for things that need to stay cool


See ya again real soon, beach!

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