Old Poway Park

July 15, 2016

I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to bring my “nice” camera out more instead of only having my iphone and getting subpar photos. Old Poway Park was the perfect place to dust off my camera-taking skills.


We went to the park this past weekend while my parents were in town. Unfortunately Matt was out of town, but that just means we’ll have to go back soon. We got there early and had breakfast at the Old Hamburger Factory and then walked through the little Farmers Market.


The best part of the park (and I think what it’s really known for??) was the train ride! It’s such a fun thing to do with kids and so affordable. Of course all Charlotte could talk about was riding the train and she kept asking where it was and when it would be there (it doesn’t start running until 10am) and in true Charlotte fashion, as soon as we got on the train, she could not have been more quiet and looked more serious. She’s so funny. She has to observe everything before smiling or showing any interest.


Each weekend a different train is scheduled to run. We were there on the “speed” train weekend and the train was definitely speedy. We’re excited to go back to experience the other trains.



{She cracks me up. She always wants her sunglasses on because it’s too bright and then she puts them so high up on the side of her head.}



{Beautiful flowers at the Farmers Market.}



{And beautiful, juicy tomatoes.}



{Saying “cheese” but not looking my way}



{“Choo choo train, where are you?”}





{The speedy train.}



{Not willing to let go of the lemonade to smile for a pic with Noni & Papa.}



{Such a pretty, quaint part of town.}



{Ending the trip with a little throwing-pennies-in-the-fountain and splashing around. If she could have got in the water, she would have.}

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  1. Noni says:

    Great photos from a really fun, unique morning!

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