4th of July 2016

July 8, 2016

Our 4th of July as seen through my iphone. When will I use my real camera more for better pictures??


We had a fun 4th of July filled with swimming, parties, friends, food and family! We went swimming 3 of the 4 days and Charlotte is enjoying the water a little more each time. It definitely helps when other kids are splashing around and having a great time because she wants to join in on the fun.



{Practicing her kicks}



{The best pic I could get of these two in their (unplanned) matching suits.}


Eric and Richelle had their annual 4th of July/birthday party on Saturday and we had a great time. We told C, a little too early, that we were going over there and all she talked about was going to Teagan’s house. We were ALL happy that 3pm rolled around so we could head over there. There were so many kids at the party and C is at the age where we don’t have to watch her like a hawk. I definitely still keep my eye on her to make sure she doesn’t take toys away from other kids or hit other kids, but it’s definitely more loose.



{Bounce house fun at Teagan’s}



{Red, white and blue family pic}



{She’s not sure of the matching hair pieces I made for us.}


On Sunday we went to another friends 4th of July party where there was a bounce house, slip ‘n slide and inflatable pool. C wasn’t sure of the slip ‘n slide, but she loved the pool. It was probably 2 feet deep and she splashed around in there for the longest time. I totally get that she prefers smaller pools. Less intimidating I supposed and she has more control in them.



{Taking a juice-box break from swimming.}



{Following the puppy around.}


My parents arrived for the week, on the 4th in the morning, so instead of going to any parades, we went to Liberty Station for brunch. We were planning on going swimming later that day with some friends and Charlotte was so hyped up on my parents being here that she didn’t nap. She crashed so hard after playing in the pool.



{The kiddie pool to herself (for 3 minutes.)}



{4th of July swimming}



{Chalk drawings with Papa and Noni.}


4 of the 5 of us were all in bed before the fireworks started :) Maybe next year C will be able to stay up for them!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Looks like some great fun. Can’t wait to splash around with C in Hawaii in 57 days!

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