Del Mar Fair 2016

June 29, 2016

Another year, another fair outing.



On Friday night, we met up with the Reinking’s at the Del Mar Fair. It was crowded, but I’m so glad we were able to go. I know it’s cliche, but it really is cool seeing something you’ve seen hundreds of times, through kids eyes. Charlotte has no memory of the fair last year, so this was all new to her.


The first ride we went on was the car ride. Of course Davis had a great time and didn’t mind that his dad had to ride with him, but Charlotte on the other hand was beside herself (in a bad way) that I had to ride in the car with her.  Like cried-and-screamed-for-most-of-the-ride upset. Matt got video towards the end of the ride and you see her go around once crying and then the next time she goes around, she’s holding the steering wheel with a frown on her face – as if saying “fine, I guess I’ll make the most of this unfortunate situation.”


After the cars, Davis went on the swings and we attempted to go on a mini roller coaster before being turned away because she didn’t meet the height requirement (even with an adult). Her sadness lasted just a few moments until she spotted the airplanes. Again, and adult needed to ride with her. She was pushing me away so I wouldn’t ride with her again, so I decided to ride in the seat behind her (in the same plane).  She was okay with this, but I almost lost my foot long corn dog because that ride went way too fast in way too tight of circles. When will I learn??


We had ice cream and bad-for-you-fair food, appreciated some art, looked at some sheep and cows, saw a huge robot (that Charlotte still talks about) and watched the turkey’s and baby chickens race for food. I’d say it was another successful fair visit!



{Very proud of the corn dogs they got to eat.}



{The best pic we could get with a wriggly toddler who just wanted to run around.}



{Pretty upset I was riding with her. Notice how happy Davis is though?}



{Paranoid mom. I had my arms over the seat, making sure C didn’t move an inch, even though she was buckled in.}



{The ponies! She loved the ponies and talks about them daily.}



{How cute are they?}



{Just chilling in a tractor shovel.}




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