2 YEARS of Charlotte!!

June 23, 2016

I have no idea what happened to the last 3 months. I had no intention of putting the blog on hiatus, but alas. Life happened. Let’s pick up with the fact that my baby is TWO (and two months)!!!!



24 months main

{Lovin’ on Frank (after she threw him out of the basket).}


(This content pertains to my 24 month old, but the picture pertains to my 26 month old!)


I can’t believe my baby is two. “The days are long, but the years or short” could not be more true. I’m mourning the loss of my baby, but looking forward to all that TWO has to bring us.


**You’ll eat almost anything if we give you ketchup to dip it in. You love, love, love dip.


**You repeat everything we say. Time to stop dropping f-bombs left and right ;) If we say “the sunglasses help because it’s so bright” you’ll say “it’s so bright,” or if we say “it’s time to go” you’ll say “time to go.”


**One night while I was giving you a bath, I was trying to get daddy’s attention. I was yelling “Matt, Matt.” You started yelling “matt, matt” too :) I whispered to you, “say daddy” (I wanted you to yell “daddy”) and you looked me straight in the eyes and whispered “daddy.”


**You love to be say “baby Charlie” and we pick you up and rock you like a baby and sing to you.


**When we get you out of bed in the morning, you grab as much stuff from your crib as you can. Pillow, 2 blankies, another blanky, your kitty, at least one pacifier….


**You have become so determined to put on your own socks (!!!) and shoes. It’s the ONE activity that I know will keep you occupied for at least a few minutes. You also consistently put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, but it doesn’t seem to bother you.


**One morning, a couple weeks ago, you woke up and said you wanted to go to a birthday party. While I was getting ready for work, you went in your closet and brought me your sandals. You said “mommy, hep me.” I helped put your sandals on and you said “ets go buh-day pahty” and grabbed my hand so I would start walking with you. It was a rainy Thursday morning- I don’t think anyone was having a birthday party.


**When I picked you up from school one day, your teacher told me that you climbed the tree!!! Then she showed me a picture! I could believe it, but I couldn’t believe it. You are so strong! Such good core muscles!


**Speaking of climbing. You are so self-sufficient at the playground. I hover over you like a helicopter while daddy tells me to relax (which I reply with “I don’t have time to fit in an ER trip today”).


**We got you a bunch of used outdoor toys for your 2nd bday. You want us to sit in almost every item! The doll wagon and the cozy coupe car are by far the funniest since there is no way we can fit, but we give it our best effort. You also love the kitchen utensils that came with your kitchen (fork, knife, plate, platter, pot). They’re rather pathetic, but you carry all 5 with you all over the backyard.


** Some of the cutest things you are saying right now: bugabee (for any bug or insect),


**One morning when daddy was out of town, I brought you into our bedroom and you asked “where daddy go?” over and over and I kept repeating that he was out of town. You lifted up his pillow just to make sure I wasn’t pulling your leg and he wasn’t hiding under there.


**If you’re not doing what you’re asking telling us to do, you get up from where you are, come to us, grab our hand and lead us to what you want us to do.


**You are such a smart cookie! You understand so much more than I give you credit for. When I tell you you need to eat a few more bites of dinner before you can have whatever it is you’re asking for, you do it!


**We’ve been letting you play out back by yourself while we’re inside getting dinner ready. One day, all of a sudden, I see you come sprinting past the windows on the side of the house with a scared look on your face. As soon as you got to the screen door and could see me, you were better. Something must have spooked you back there!


**We’re still in the put almost everything in your mouth phase. Crayons, chalks and the sunscreen stick are your favorite.


**You LOVE to go through your ‘pack pack’ (backpack). You’ll pull it out of the basket in the entryway and go through e v e r y t h i n g. You’ll lay out your changing pad, get a wipe (or 10) out and start cleaning it; you’ll go through all your snacks; you’ll go through the little pouch and take out your sunscreen. You’ll rub the lotion on your skin and apply the stick to your face before you start to eat it.


**We got you a pretty tall 2-step stool and you love moving it all over the kitchen. You use it to wash your hands, you attempt to wash dishes, you “help” me make dinner, etc.


**When we’re laying down or just relaxing, you push us to roll on our stomachs, lay your 12×12 blankie over us (meticulously getting all the wrinkles out), and rather roughly pat our back and say “shh, shh, shh” rather loudly. It’s not the most calming, but it is the cutest. One morning when you were doing this to me, you had your paci in your mouth. You took it out and held it out to me and say “paci?”


**You’ve been learning soooooo much at school! The words and sentences you use! You’re constantly trying to get into the freezer to get ice cream or otter pops (the freezer is on the bottom of our fridge). One day I was blocking you by standing in front of it. You were crying and trying to push me away while saying “walk away, mommy, walk away” and pointing me away from the freezer.


**You’re saying “dis way” when we’re walking or driving. You get so upset if we don’t drive in the direction you want us to go.

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  1. Lauren says:

    This girl is just the light of my life! I love her to pieces, and every time she says “Auntie Lolo” my heart bursts.

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