Easter Weekend

March 28, 2016

We had such a nice Easter weekend with beautiful weather!!


Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood with some friends. I heard it could be a little bit of a sh$* show and it kinda was. The “hunt” lasted less than 5 minutes and there were jaw breakers and elastic rings in the 0-3 egg hunt. And there were tons of parents and older siblings grabbing all the eggs and goodies for their kids/younger siblings. The breakfast line took soooo long and there weren’t than many people in front of us. When we finally got to the front, they told us they were out of pancake batter. Wtf? My expectations were very low because of what I had heard, so I wasn’t too disappointed. At least the kids had fun in the bounce house and collecting some of the 2-year-old-safe goodies.



{While decorating a bunny frame (see ground), she decided the polka dots would look better on her cheeks. She was right.}



{Off on the hunt.}



{C definitely eats sweets, but Sour Patch Kids on a 0-3 egg hunt??}



{Teagan wasn’t sure about the stickers on C’s face.}



{Teagan, Charlotte and Davis watching all the kids go through their loot.}



{They had egg hunts by age. This was one of them. Just a sea of adults.}


Later that afternoon we went to our friend, Eric and Richelle’s house for a yummy bbq with some of their neighbors. There were 4 kids ranging from 1-5 and they all played so nicely together. It was fun to be able to relax a bit while the kids placed. We’re finally entering that stage!!!




On Sunday morning we went to church where there was another egg hunt (C got reeeeeal good at her egg hunting game), a photo booth, a legit bubble machine and a live donkey! After church, we had lunch at the Crack Shack, played at the Waterfront park, took a long nap then worked on our chalk drawing game.



{She doesn’t like the Easter Bunny, but she sure did like all that he brought her!}






{She’s unsure of the photo booth. Is she really our daughter?!}



{I asked her if we should take the donkey home with us and she shook her head and gave an emphatic “no.”}



{Gigantic chicken statue = perfect photo op}



{Running wild, chasing bubbles in the Waterfront Park.}



{As Matt was drawing his city, C started stealing all the chalk and putting it in her tricycle trunk.}


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