23 Months of Charlotte

March 25, 2016

1 more month until you’re TWO!!!


23 months


**Whenever we facetime Noni and Papa, you always ask for Bay-ee” (Bailey, the dog). You want to see what she’s doing and you’re only happy once they show you her. She’s typically sleeping and you say “shhhhh, bay-ee, nigh nigh.” If they rub her belly or face, you scrunch up your hands and tickle your stomach and face and say “tick-uh, tick-uh.”


**You love to shut me in my closet and turn off the light (the light switch is outside the closet at your level).  This adds a little fun for getting ready in the AM.


**Mimi taught you how to count to 3!


**Whenever you see any kind of writing utensil you say “color” and you try to get a hold of the item.


**In our new house, the master bathroom is right above the dining area. One morning while I was getting ready, you were eating breakfast below me. I guess me and my heels were making a lot of noise while walking around because you got really scared and would only eat breakfast while sitting in daddy’s lap. You kept pointing to the sliding door saying “knock, knock.”


**You can sing the whole ABC song! It’s not super, super clear obviously, but you know the song and know the right inflections. It’s very, very cute.


**When we moved into our new house, I held the phone, but you basically gave the tour to Noni, Papa and Yoyo via Facetime. You knew what every room was called and would lead the way (i.e. garage, loft, your room, your bathroom, mommy and daddy’s room, etc).


**Now that you’re in a neighborhood, you MUST explore your hood as soon as we get home. Daddy was pushing you on your tricycle one evening and you spotted some older boys climbing in a tree up ahead. You said “monkey” and started making monkey sounds.


**I left some nail polish sitting on my nightstand. You got a hold of it. Lesson learned for me and we’re out one pillowcase.


**We faced you forward in your car seat and it made a little difference. It’s fun to sing with you because you dance and copy our moves. If we play the piano, you play the piano. If we snap our fingers, you snap your fingers.


**We’ve started giving you bath-showers in hopes that you’ll start liking the water more and be okay with it running over your head and down your face. Every night you’re getting more and more comfortable with it, walking under the water over and over. You’re so proud of yourself and we’re so proud of you :) You even swim on your stomach like a little fishy and will put your face in the water.


**I took you to return something at Ikea. The entire time we were there you kept pulling my hand saying “dis way, dis way.” You wanted to go upstairs so badly.


**After bath, you sit on my lap while I dry you off and brush your hair. I’ll give you a tub of lotion and you manage to get GOBS of it out in such a small amount of time. Every inch of your body is moisturized by the time we put your pajamas on.


**In the morning when we bring you into bed with us (simply because we’re still so tired and don’t want to get up), you try every angle to get us out of bed…. 1) you say “eat” over and over, 2) bring us our slippers, 3) empty every item out of my nightstand and put it on our bed, 4) say “poo poo”, etc.


**When you’re crying whining and we’re not paying attention, you’ve started to say “sharee kying, sharee, kying” (charlie is crying) until we acknowledge that you’re “crying.”


**We can’t get into our complex without passing a large park. Whenever you say “park, park” we say we can’t go right then, but we’ll go later. Now when we’re passing it you say “no park, no park.” It’s so sad that you think we will never go to the park again.


**You are getting more and more addicted to your blankie and paci. You walk around the house saying “benky, padee, benky, padee.” Who knows when we’re going to pull the plug on this whole paci thing.


**Mimi taught you red light and green light. You know that green means go and red means stop. You announce it at every light we approach.


**You have your 5th ear infection since starting daycare last October. Tubes are a few weeks away and we’re hoping and praying you don’t get another ear infection before then, but the odds are not in our favor.

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