First Spring Weekend

March 23, 2016

We spent our first full weekend in North County. And it was fun!┬áIt’s like we’re living in a whole new San Diego.


We went to the Safari Park on Saturday for the first time in ages. I’m sure it will become our new “zoo” for the next year. Charlotte was very unsure of the goats in the petting zoo area. She yelled each time they came near her, then would squat down really low about 3 feet from them to look them in the eye. Once daddy started petting them, she came around and started petting them as well. She grabbed the tail of one (I thought she was going to put her finger somewhere else….) and the goat started wagging its tail and she ran away so fast. It was too funny.


On the way to the lions there is a little splash pad area. We had no idea it was there and as soon as we spotted it we tried to walk quickly past it so she wouldn’t notice it. No such luck. As soon as we got to the lions, she got out of her stroller, grabbed my hand and said “dis way, dis way” and pulled me all the way back to the splash pad. We were completely unprepared and ended up stripping her down to her non-swim diaper and let her splash away. Being the classy people that we are, we then towel-dried her with her sweatshirt. Yolo.



{At first Charlotte yelled each time a goat came near her.}



{She would only pet them as long as daddy was right there with her.}



{LOVING the splash pad!}


On Sunday we went to her friend Ethan’s 5th birthday party. It was super hero theme, but if you know Charlotte, you know she hates dressing up in costume (100% opposite of her parents). After a gigantic meltdown from trying to put her in a wonder woman T SHIRT, we settled on a pretty party dress. I don’t think she wished Ethan a Happy Birthday, but she did take full advantage of all his backyard toys and the bounce house.



{All set for her friend Ethan’s birthday party.}



{She was so happy with all the toys she came across in the backyard.}



{Charlotte and Davis had a stand-off about not joining in the group pic.}



{Not wanting to stop for a picture.}



{Having a blast in the bounce house!}

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