Easter Basket Inspiration

March 18, 2016

I cannot believe that Easter is just over a week away! Charlotte was born the day before Easter 2 years ago, which means we have an almost-two-year-old!!


I’ve been having fun putting together a little Easter basket for Charlotte. As much as I want to get her e v e r y t h i n g I see, I have to ask myself those practical questions. Will she like this? Will she get bored with it in 3 minutes? Will she break it? Will she try to eat it (if it’s a non-food item)?


Even if the answers aren’t what I would like… “Yes, she’ll try to eat the chalk. Yes, she’ll get bored with the toy doctor kit after a few minutes.”…. I’ll still get some of the items because they’re fun and who doesn’t like a little fun every once in awhile?


Below are some of the things I’m planning on putting in her basket.


Easter Basket 2016


Bath Toys – She’s been going through a phase where bath time can go either way – she loves it or she hates it. We’ve tried lots of different things (ie. letting her sit in the big tub (she’s still been in this tub and it’s been awesome), turning on the shower, using lots of bubbles, etc.), so we’re hoping a couple new toys will help. She can go fishing and shoot hopes with this one and draw all over the bath with these. Hopefully these don’t inspire to¬†“ku-lor” the other walls in our house.


Sippy Cup – I’m sure this will leak, but I couldn’t pass it up. She’ll be saying “bahhhh” every time she sees it :)


Sunglasses – Sometimes she gets the idea of sunglasses, sometimes she doesn’t. These were also too cute not to pass up.


Books – Girlfriend looooooooves books. And boy, do some of hers look very loved. It’s time to add a few more to her collection. I’m loving this Hello Genius collection of books.


Yogurt Melts (her version of crack candy)


Chalk – Now that we have outside space, I think she’ll love being able to “ku-lor” on the ground.


Now for Matt’s Easter basket ;) I’m still loving this basket I made for him a few years ago.


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