Life Lately

March 10, 2016

We’ve had a busy last couple months!


We moved to a house which is super duper rad. To have a yard and a garage is pretty much the bee’s knees. We are now in a very friendly, community, family oriented neighborhood. We’re on a little cul-de-sac of sorts with 3 other homes. ALL the homes have kids that are Charlotte’s age. It’s great! The decorating is pretty much all done although I always have little projects floating about in my mind – painting dressers, lengthening curtains, outfit a little nook for C in the family room, donate/sell a bunch of things, ORGANIZE THE GARAGE (that’s #1 if you couldn’t tell), etc., but all those things will come with time.


Charlotte adjusted pretty well to the move. Sleep was a little rough the first night and she ended up in bed with us around 4:30am, but since then it’s been fine. Minus her getting a cold- those first couple stuffed-up nights can be rough-  we’ve been happy with her sleeping transition.


It’s so great to have a yard for C to go play in. I can send her out back while I get dinner ready or clean up the kitchen. My only concern is that she’ll try to scale the retaining wall (she’s already done this and she ate crap) or eat rocks (she’s attempted this one too on a handful of occasions), so I’m not entirely comfortable with this arrangement. We need to get her some yard toys so she’ll play with those.


We have a park a stones throw away, which is a blessing and a curse. C always wants to go there. We literally cannot not drive past it when going anywhere without her saying “pok, pok.” It IS a very age-appropriate park though and there are hardly ever any other kids there. We are finally getting to that stage where we can sit there and watch her play. We don’t have to hover over her like a low-flying helicopter. Although I’m definitely helicoptering when other kids are around because I just never know what she or the other kids will do.



{One of the last ocean sunsets from our apt balcony.}



{Obligatory “selfie with the view in the back” from yet another place we lived in together.}



{Not a great picture, but Charlotte got so excited when she saw that she could help daddy clean our apt.}



{Lookin’ all chill in her shades. Now that she faces forward, the sun is very bright at times.}



{We got this little table and chairs from Ikea and I stained it. Now that we’re in the new house, she tends to eat at her table more often. It’s also more fun when daddy, or her friend Davis, eats with her.}



{Everyday we get home, she wants to go outside and play and check out her hood!}



{The very age-appropriate park across the street from our development. First things first though, she takes off her shoes the moment we get to the park.}


{Dancing to Happy Feet (before we hung the TV on the wall- THANKS, Nate!).}



{Dad’s and their babies on the way home from the park!}


In other big news, Matt started a new job at the beginning of February! We’re all carpooling (our new house is definitely in the ‘burbs), so that’s been an adjustment. It’s quickly becoming the new normal though.


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