22 Months of Charlotte

February 24, 2016

22 Months of Charlotte.


22 months

{Getting more and more attached to that paci. We have our work cut out for us when we say bye-bye to it.}


**You still love pointing to yourself and saying “Chah-it” or “Chah-ee”. I think you understand that you go by both Charlotte and Charlie.


**You love to say thank you. If you say thank you and we don’t acknowledge it right away, you repeat it over and over until we do. One day I gave you some crackers and you said thank you. My mind went onto the next thing and I was squatting in front of the fridge looking to get something out. You walked over to me and got as close to being directly in front of me as you could and looked me in the eye and said “thank you” very sweetly. I said “you’re very welcome” and then off you went.


**If I’m at the counter in the kitchen or bathroom and you want up, you will literally push my legs to make me turn towards you all while saying “uppa, uppa, uppa.” Or you’ll push your way to be between me and the counter.


**You battled that nasty ear infection for FIVE weeks. One night it was particularly bad- it was just after 11pm and it was your 2nd time waking since going to bed at 730. You were standing at the edge crying for over 5 minutes. I decided to let you sleep with us that night because it wasn’t looking like you were going to put yourself back to sleep and as soon as we go in there, you will not go back to bed in your crib. You slept horizontally between us all night.


**When you have a piece of hair or lint in your mouth, you are so concerned with trying to get it out and you’re so confused about how this item got in there.


**You’ve started saying I love you. Your version is “I lu loo.” You’ve also started saying I’ll miss you. Your version is “I mees u.”


**It’s embarrassing how many times your teachers tell me that you LOVE the iPad. Whenever they can’t find it, they look to see where you are because 99.9% of the time you’ve taken it. We don’t even own an iPad. We let you look at our phones sometimes, but not every day. You are just obsessed with electronics.


**Speaking of, whenever you see our phones you say “bee-o” (aka. video) because you want to sit there and watch videos of yourself over and over.


**In the checkout line at Target you were in one of your super chatty moods. You kept saying “hi” to the cashier and when she acknowledged you she asked “How are you?” You responded with your name, “Chah-it.”


**While we were in Colorado you started saying “where are you?” when you were looking for me, papa, noni or bailey (the dog). You did so many other cute things when we were there which can all be reminisced about here.


**You are always reenacting something! Unfortunately you got bit on your hand at school and whenever you remember this, you say “no biting!” over and over and over and you shake your finger. This happened in early December and you’re still reenacting it. The other night you were sick (again!!) and I had you in our room at 3am. I turned the light on so I could give you medicine and you were looking at daddy and saying “no biting” while pointing to your hand. We said, “You’re right. There’s no biting.” And you said “yeah.”


**You have this giggle that is so, so, sooo contagious.


**You say “bless you, (whoever sneezed)” to anyone who sneezes. Even when you sneeze, you say “bes you, chah-it.”


**You love to just say noni/papa/mimi over and over and over. When I have my phone out, you say “papa/noni, papa/noni, papa/noni” because you want to facetime with them all the time.


**The fire alarm went off in our apt almost two months ago for over an hour and it was so incredibly loud. Ever since then, you have been so scared of loud noises (i.e. trash truck beeping when backing up, the high pitched sound from a water faucet, loud cheering from restaurants, etc.). Your fear of loud noises has seemed to grow over the past couple weeks.


**When you see my phone (along with wanting to facetime, watch videos, look at photos), you will also run to stand against the wall, pose and say “cheese.”


**Whenever I have to apologize to you for something (i.e. I’m feeding you and I drop food on your lap), I’ve started saying “sorry, Charlie.” Now, you’ve started saying this to yourself. If you hurt yourself really bad, you still say “no, no, no” and shake your finger at whatever item caused you pain, but if you don’t hurt yourself really bad, you say “sorry, chah-ee” and go on with your business.

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  1. Lauren says:

    She doesn’t say “Yoyo” all the time, wanting to talk to Auntie???? Sad face.

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