Weekend Wrap-up

February 22, 2016

Aside from Charlotte getting another ear infection and her still not liking the car seat, we had a nice little weekend.


Charlotte and Mimi had a nice trip to the park where she met lots of friends, we went to Old Town, we had an awful night where Charlotte was awake most of the night (I think it was related to her new medicine) and we ended the weekend with a fun trip to Sea World.


I’ve been really hopeful in that we’re going to experience the TERRIFIC two’s with Charlotte, but after this weekend, I’m thinking we might be in for the terrible two’s.


sat1{Playing at the park with Mimi. I think this girl is a little hippy at heart. Whenever she can have her shoes off, she does. Very unlike her mama.}



{A little trip to Old Town and her first time in a stage coach.}



{Matt looking perplexed, as if C doesn’t normally pour pepper all over the menu.}



{A little family date.}



{Girlfriend would NOT share her sundae. Luckily she was done with it after a few bites.}


On Sunday afternoon we joined the Reinking’s for a little Sea World date. They were gracious enough to give us their free passes. Aren’t we lucky?! :) Charlotte loved seeing all the animals. This age is so fun for a number of reasons (and hard for a number of other reasons), but one of them is seeing her face light up with animals she sees in real life- the ones she sees in her books and copies their sounds and makes their faces.



{She LOVED the whales. She was so, so, so talkative when she saw them.}



{She kept pointing them out whenever she spotted one. Just in case Davis didn’t see them too.}



{A little stare-down.}



{I can’t even explain how excited she got when the whales went upside down. She would have to go upside down every time they did. It was so cute!}



{Charlotte and Davis ended their Sea World date with a little hand-holding over their strollers :)}

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