Valentine Pom-pom Wreath

January 28, 2016

I have become obsessed with pom-poms! They are so easy to make and I think they’re so fun. We had them all over our wedding and I made them as toddler-friendly ornaments for our Christmas tree this year.


I made this cheerful little number the other day. All the pom-poms were made while staying up way past my bedtime watching Making a Murderer. Side note: Are you watching that series? Holy-crazy.




It was surprisingly hard to find a Styrofoam heart wreath. I found this one at Hobby Lobby in the Valentine section and it ended up working out better than a white Styrofoam heart that I was originally in search of. I didn’t have to paint the Styrofoam (in case any white peaked out) and I didn’t have to hang my own ribbon- one was already attached.






All the yarn was purchased at Michael’s when it was significantly on sale the other week. I just hot glued the pom-poms to the wreath in no particular pattern and 10 minutes later we had a festive little wreath.


I have a 4-pack of Clover pom-pom makers like this 2-pack and it’s one of the best craft inventions every.

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  1. Marsha says:

    This is soooooo darling and looks easy to do. Cool find on the red heart. We love us some pom poms!

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