21 Months of Charlotte

January 22, 2016

21 Months of Charlotte!!


21 months


**Over Christmas break you were so clingy. When we took you to the doctor because we felt like something wasn’t right we found out you had another double ear-infection. This ear infection is STILL hanging around even after different antibiotics. Our next stop is to the ENT.


**You started waving so much! You’ll be eating in your high chair and I’ll be eating next to you and you’ll just wave at me and say “hi.”


**When you give a high-5, you need to give everyone in the room a high-5 No one can be left out.


**Daddy got a guitar for Christmas. You love it when he practices. You’ll stand 4″ from the guitar trying so hard to resist touching it. You inevitably do touch it and we tell you “no” and then you start dancing. When daddy isn’t playing the guitar, but you notice it in the room, you’ll point to it and start dancing.


**You still must take your shoes off when you’re in your car seat. If you can’t get them off (they aren’t slip-ons), you get so frustrated and definitely let it be know.


**For the week after Noni, Papa and Auntie Lolo left, you walked around the house saying their names in a question form and pointing upstairs (where they slept). “Papa?”, “Yoyo?” (Auntie Lolo), “Nuno?” (that’s Noni).


**We’ve been working on you wearing a beanie. You love pointing out hats and playing with them, but when it comes to wearing them you hate it. We’re going to Colorado soon and it’ll be so cold so you MUST wear a beanie. Right now, we ask you to wear your beanie when we go outside and if you don’t, we don’t go outside. The beanie immediately comes off when we get in the car, but we’re making progress.


**Sometimes I’ll lock the bathroom door when I’m getting ready because I don’t want you rifling through everything. One day, you tried to get in and realized you couldn’t. You then went into daddy’s closet (which is right outside the bathroom) and shut the door and said “where’s Charlotte?” and opened the door, then did it all over again. You were playing peek-a-boo with yourself :)


**During the really rainy week, the fire alarm in our building got triggered. It was going off for over an hour. You and Grandma left because it was soooooo loud. When I got home, you kept reenacting the sound of the fire alarm and pointing the door and the ceiling, telling me just how loud it was and then laughing at your re-enactment.


**You love to point out where people were and where they are now.  For example, I’ll be in the bedroom, then I’ll come out to the kitchen, then I’ll go into your bathroom. You’ll then point to our bedroom door, then the kitchen, then your bathroom, then to me, then laugh, laugh, laugh!


**In the morning, daddy feeds you breakfast while I get ready. All I hear is “hi mama! Mama? Hi mama! Mama? Hi mama! Mama?”


**You love to pat us on the back or arms and say our names (mama, dada).


**You got a LeapFrog tablet for Christmas and one of the songs is the ABC’s. You’re so good at singing along! You still have some work to do with the proper pronunciation, but your inflections while singing are spot on.


**One day you started calling Grandma “mimi.” We have no idea where this came from, but it is clear as day that Grandma is now Mimi :)

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