MLK Weekend

January 20, 2016

I love me some 3-day weekends.


We celebrated our friend Teagan’s FIRST birthday on Saturday and had so much fun! There was a bounce house which was awesome for Charlotte because most of the kids were around her size, so she could jump to her hearts content. I wasn’t worried about her getting trampled by older, bigger kids, like I have been with every other bounce house we’ve come in contact with.



{I’m trying to get better about getting photos of the 3 of us.}



{Some of the kiddos.}


party3{Saying “cheese” while trying to open the bubbles.}



{With the birthday girl and her parents.}


On Sunday we attempted to hike Torrey Pines. We borrowed our friends super fancy hiking back pack and were certain that Charlotte would love it. When will we learn? The moment we put her in the back pack (at the bottom of the hill), she started to whimper. The whimpering lasted 3/4 of the way up the mountain and then just cried and screamed the last 1/4. As soon as she was out, she was fine, but she wasn’t about to walk. She only wanted to be held. We were totally those parents. Those parents that couldn’t control their child. Those parents that had a screaming child with tears running down her face. We admitted defeat and cut the hike short. On our way back down the mountain, we passed a mom (with a baby in a hiking back pack no less) say to her friend “oh, poor thing” because Charlotte was s t i l l whimpering. If you only knew lady. If you only knew.



{Very unsure of this new seat.}



{She was happy to inspect the seat while eating her snack, but every time we asked if she wanted to go in she said “no” so fast.}

Monday started bright and early thanks to C’s crack ‘o dawn wake-up call. We did lots of laundry and cleaning, ran a couple errands, then renewed our membership to the zoo and visited some of our favorite animals. We had a membership to the zoo for a year right after C was born, but it feels like a totally different zoo now that she’s a bit older. She was running everywhere, pointing out all the animals, mimicking them, etc.



{Petting the goats in the Children’s section which was a total zoo. (See what I just did there? It was a zoo at the Zoo?!)}



{Getting the perfect selfie-angle. She looooooooves that camera on the phone and will take a million pictures of her feet, her forehead, the ceiling, etc. }


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  1. Lauren says:

    Bummer about the hike, but really, HOW CUTE IS YOUR LITTLE FAMILY?????

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