Meeting Monsters

January 13, 2016

Sesame Street is one of Charlotte’s favorite things e v e r. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed, she’s saying “emo” (aka. Elmo) throughout the day.


We’ve started telling her that Elmo isn’t awake yet/is busy eating lunch/is taking a nap/already went to bed etc. This usually works when we say this along with having a distraction ready (book, broom, hat, etc.)


The New Children’s Museum had a FREE Sesame Street event this past weekend, so we took¬†Charlotte. We weren’t sure if we’d see Elmo in a big adult costume, or what. And, if we did, how Charlotte would react. When she saw a person in a large bear costume in December, she frantically flapped her arms while saying “no, no, no” and started crying out of sheer relief when the bear sadly retreated.¬†Luckily Elmo was puppet-size along with Rosita, so all was well. When she met Cookie Monster and Grover and adult-size costumes, she just got shy. No frantic flapping of the arms or yelling no.


After the little Sesame Street play/show, we walked throughout the museum to see all the cool exhibits. Charlotte had so much fun exploring everything and taking it all in. The musuem is geared to 1 +, so Charlotte could appreciate a lot of the activities.



{Our red carpet photo.}



{Watching Elmo.}



{Alan, Rosita and Elmo.}



{Dad is having a blast :)}



{She loved this exhibit. All kinds of fruit to crawl in and out of. She would throw these little balls and then say “wheredgo?” (aka. Where did it go?)}


{Being shy with Cookie Monster and Grover.}


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  1. Lauren says:

    So fun! I will take her back to the museum when I visit. :)

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