Let’s do this 2016!

January 4, 2016

I’m welcoming 2016 with open arms!


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but 2015 wasn’t exactly the best year for us. It had a couple highs, but was sprinkled with many lows.


It started off with some really disappointing job news for Matt (and us as a family since we were thinking one way, but got news we were going the other way). After we re-focused, we moved to a new apartment that met more of our wants…. AC, parking, w/d in unit, more updated, pool, etc. In June we went to Colorado to celebrate my dad’s retirement. A couple months after that, things started going downhill. I was diagnosed with melanoma in the middle of August. I had surgery at the end of August and unfortunately had some complications so I had to go back into surgery in the middle of September. I missed some work during this time and Robin was extremely helpful in taking care of C while Matt took care of me. Due to some unforeseen circumstances during this time, we ended up putting Charlotte in part-time daycare at the beginning of October. She got sick immediately and over the next two months, I got sick FOUR times (ear infections, respiratory stuff, colds, etc.). It was and, at times, still is rough. BUT, it’s also good because she is doing so many fun activities and learning so many valuable social skills.  We ended the year on a high, having all our family together in San Diego for Christmas!


2016- main


Having said all that, here are some of my goals for the year:


Take more time for myself

Hanging out with girlfriends sans babies, working out (I haven’t worked out regularly since before Charlotte was born and I miss it), doing crafts, etc.


Read 1 book per month

Send me your recommendations! I’m always looking for good books.


Online ordering

We have Amazon Prime which is life-changing, but I’m going to start taking advantage of free shipping with Target and Sprouts. This will save so much time. And money. I c a n n o t walk out of Target with only what is on my list. It’s physically impossible.


Travel more

Now that C is a little older, I’m ready to take on more traveling with and without her :) I’d love to go some place once per month. That might be a little aggressive, but if we go somewhere once every two months I would be happy with that too!


Finish 1 designation at work

This was a goal for 2015. I started it and passed one of the 4 tests, but as soon as I started studying for test #2, all my health issues started and this went to the back burner. It’s time to put this on the front burner again :)


2 date nights/month

Matt and I need more time to ourselves, so this is a tip-top priority!



This is my least favorite goal for the year, but I need to workout. I used to workout 3-4 times/week before Charlotte and I really enjoyed it, but now I dread it. I don’t want to make the time for it. A goal of working out once/week is hopefully attainable.


Take more selfies with Charlotte

See below :)



Cheers to the new year!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Big changes coming for ya!!! xo

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