Christmas 2015

December 28, 2015


We had a really nice Christmas in sunny San Diego. My parents and sister came to visit, so it was extra nice since we didn’t have to travel with a rambunctious 20 month old.


Charlotte still doesn’t totally get Christmas (i.e. she wasn’t up at 5am anxiously waiting to open presents) and she doesn’t know where the presents came from, but she did like opening them and playing with her new toys. When we take down all our Christmas decor, I’m planning on┬átaking away at least half the presents so we can give them to her throughout the year :)



{This picture cracks me up! Charlotte recently spotted her Bumbo high up in her closet and has been LOVING sitting in it and taking it all over the house. When she saw everyone sitting down ready to open presents, she retrieved her Bumbo and took her seat, too.}



{Opening presents, piece by piece.}



{My sister in her spiffy new fur vest.}



{Grandma made the coolest A-Z binder. It included lots of pictures of Charlotte and people she knows and different items for each letter. Charlotte LOVES the binder!}



{You can never have enough cold-weather accessories for Colorado!}



{Her own laptop. Although I still think she prefers ours.}



{Noni and Grandma with Noni’s new scarf from Grandma.}



{Her reactions to this book that made sounds was priceless! She did this or the “oh no” with her hands on her face, to every sound in the book.}



{Someone got some fancy new golf shoes.}



{me + my sister}



{The mess that is called Christmas.}



{Looking at Christmas lights!}


Along with presents, we went for a brisk walk, had a delicious dinner with┬álots of yummy fixings, played games, looked at Christmas lights and roasted marshmallows. All in all, it was a very special day and I’m very thankful we could all be together.


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  1. Lauren says:

    It was so great!!!!

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