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December 7, 2015

We had a jam-packed Holiday weekend and I loved it!


On Saturday we headed up to December Nights, right when it opened at noon. This was our first year NOT living near the park (hence having to deal with parking and traffic), so we decided to go early.  We wanted to take the stroller and in case you didn’t know…. stroller + crowds isn’t a good mix. It’s definitely not the same during the daylight as it doesn’t feel quite as festive without all the lights on and carolers singing throughout the park. The 80 degree weather wasn’t quite helping either, but I’m still glad we went. We walked around, ate some yummy food – I’m looking at you sour cream and onion french fries and strawberry lemonade– and admired all the Christmas decor.


Dec Nights 1

{Our first December Night family selfie.}


After December Nights we headed to a friends house for a little afternoon Christmas party and Santa visit. C loved playing with all the new-to-her toys and other little kids. The Santa visit did NOT go well. I can’t even post a picture of it because I feel like that is just too cruel. I think she would have been fine if a) other kids hadn’t been crying (she’s been known to be a sympathy crier) and, b) there weren’t 30 adults watching the whole thing.



{Playing in her friend Ava’s house. She loved this little house.}


2015-12-05 15.41.47

{All the kiddos waiting for Santa.}


On Saturday night Matt and I did a little Christmas party hopping. Normally these two parties are on separate weekends, but this year they happened to be on the same night. We ate yummy food, laughed at creative White Elephant gifts and had a great time seeing friends.



{Party Uno.}



{Party Dos.}


On Sunday morning when Charlotte got up, she sat at the kitchen table and looked at the book Santa brought her on Saturday. It was a book about Santa. Every time she sees it, she keeps pointing to it and saying “nomo.” It sounds like she’s saying “no more” which would make sense since she hated meeting him, but normally when she says “no” or “no more” there is a lot of negative body language… waving her arms, shaking her head, emphatically telling you no. There’s none of that when she’s saying “nomo.” Maybe that’s just her name for him??




Later that day our church had its annual Christmas concert. As usual, it was awesome. The music arrangements are the absolute best that I’ve ever heard. Such talented people. Afterwards we went to dinner with some friends that are leaving SD for the bay area.



{Charlotte and her friend, Maddy, yelling “hello!” to everyone (and no one) after the concert.}


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  1. Lauren says:

    Lookin’ good! Can’t wait to hit up Coronado and the Winter Wonderland!

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