19 Months of Charlotte

December 2, 2015

19 Months of Charlotte


I fully blame Daylight Savings Time for my delay in the most recent monthly updates. I forget to take pics on the weekends and by the time I get home from work, it’s dark.


month 19

{Headbutting Frank, the giraffe.}


**When you and I were on our way to daycare on Nov 4, you looked at daddy and said “bye, dad.” Your daddy and I looked at each other with HUGE eyes! We couldn’t believe what we had just heard!


** One particular Sunday, it was rough for all of us. You finally fell asleep in the car after screaming bloody murder for 15 minutes. The transfer to your crib didn’t go well and we let you cry it out for a long time because we knew you needed a nap. Well, that nap never came, but you did manage to practically climb out of your crib (you were laying flat along two of the sides- one smaller side and one longer side). I ran into your room and you plopped right back into your crib. I have now resolved to either let you nap in the car or we’ll take naps together on our bed.


**You are saying so many more words. Every day you’re saying more and more. We’re constantly saying “Can you say (fill-in-the-blank)?” and it’s so fun to see what you actually say.


**When we got back from our Mexico trip, you looked like you were 3 years old. You got the biggest smile on your face and when we were hugging you, you kept staring at us with the biggest smile on your face.


**You’ve started cupping our faces in your hands and saying “Oh no!”


**You point to any skin blemish and say “owie” even if it’s just a freckle.


**When you hear daddy’s key in the door when he gets home from work, you barrel your way to him head-down to give him a big ol’ bear hug.


**You’ve started letting us know what you want to eat.  You pull out what you want, hand it to us, then go to your high chair and pull it out and motion for us to put you in it. Then you start pointing to your tray to tell us where you want your food.


**I went to work the day after we got back from Mexico and when I got home, you were outside the front door with Grandma. As soon as you saw me, you came running as fast as you could into my arms. I’ve never seen you run so fast! It was a good thing I wasn’t further back because you were literally falling into my arms when you got to me.


**You still love to get your hands in the snack cabinet. You’ll open up any bag or box you can and lay out all the contents onto the floor. You won’t eat any of it. You’ll just lay e v e r y cracker onto the floor. I got so fed up with you rummaging through the pantry and pulling e v e r y t h i n g out that I had your dad put a lock on that door. I can’t believe it took us that long to do that.


**You still hate wearing socks. We’ve tried to make it fun with you wearing them around the house and helping us put our socks on, but no dice. You refuse to wear them for more than a few minutes and definitely not with shoes.


**If we give you a plate of food with a few different items, you’ll eat ALL of one item first. Then you hand us your (semi-full) plate and point to the empty area letting us know that you want more of that item.


**Also, when you’re done eating, you hand us your plate letting us know that you don’t want anymore.


**We tried switching up your milk (from Almond Milk to 2% Organic Whole Milk), but you’ll have none of it even though that’s what you gulp down at school!! Now, you won’t even drink milk at home. Every time we ask you if you want milk, you say “no.”


**You’re getting so good at walking up steps all by yourself and sliding down the slide with no assistance.


**Daycare drop-offs are a little more enjoyable for both of us- no tears from you! Just a wave bye-bye and blowing me some kisses.


**Sometimes diaper changes are easy and sometimes it’s like changing a wild hyena.


**Usually just one of us gives you your bath. Once you’re hair and teeth are brushed and you’re all dried, we let you free and you run through the house, laughing, to find the other one of us! Hands down the favorite part of our day!! You’re just so cute, running as fast as you can!


**You still don’t like the car seat. I wonder if you’ll like it when we’re able to face you forward?? I’m cautiously optimistic.


**You must always take off at least one of your shoes when you’re riding in your car seat. When we go back to get you, you kick your legs and point to your bare feet. You’re so proud of yourself.


**When we ask you about school you say “kool” and you get so excited to see your friends.


**You say “yeah” in the cutest voice.



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  1. Lauren says:

    These little stories warm my heart and make me want to give C a big ol’ squeeze!

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