18 Months of Charlotte

November 9, 2015

Aka. ONE AND HALF years of Charlotte!!!


18 months

{She climbed into the basket on her own, but then quickly realized what she had done and started climbing out :)}


I’m so late with this post that I contemplated not posting, but I want to have all her 18 month happenings (below) documented. These truly ARE her 18 months happenings, not 18 1/2 months like she is in this picture.


** You started daycare a couple weeks ago and immediately got your first cold and then your first ear infection and it was in both ears (all within 1 1/2 weeks).


** You love to play on daddy’s piano. Whenever we go upstairs, you’re motioning for us to sit on the piano bench and put you in our lap. You’re a little prodigy :)


** When you want something that we’re eating or drinking, you smack your lips together over and over as you inch closer and closer to the coveted item.


** You’re always talking. Whether you’re running around, playing on the playground, etc. you’re constantly making the cutest noises and sounds.


** You still get excited when we say milk, but lately you don’t drink it with as much gusto as you used to. You’d rather tip your cup over and dribble it onto your high chair then smear it like finger paint.


** You’re still not a big fan of the car seat. Lately you’ve started taking one shoe off and throwing it up front to us. Your aim is fantastic considering you can’t see the front seat.


** We also have a 7″ beach ball that we let you play with in the car. You toss it over your head and want us to throw it back to you. Just the other day, you figured out that you can unplug the beach ball with your teeth to deflate it.


** You LOVE to run your hands under the faucet. In fact, you love putting your hands in water so much that the other day we heard the toilet lid clink down and you emerged with wet hands :( We now have these proper toilet lid locks in place. They’re not the greatest/strongest, but they deter you for the most part.


** After breakfast you almost always go fetch a pair of shoes and insist we put them on you. You also get my shoes for me to put them on (while insisting I take my slippers off).


** You say “bye” to everything. If I pick you up in the living room to take you to your room and change your diaper, you wave and say “bye” to daddy. If daddy takes you in to get your bath started, you wave and say “bye” to me. If one of us walks out of the room you say “bye.” You say “bye” to the bathwater when it’s going down the drain. You say “bye” to doggies you pass on our walks.


** Your favorite song is still Uptown Funk. You correctly anticipate when there will be a key change or when certain sounds will come on because you’ll sing them in the same tune.


** You love grabbing your toothpaste out of our bathroom drawer. As soon as you get it, you run to the corner of our bedroom. We have to chase after you for this because you’ve learned how to open it. That’s a mess I don’t want to deal with.


** We went to Bates again this year and you had so much fun seeing all the real-life animals!


** Whenever you fall, or get stuck in/on something, or hurt yourself you shake your finger and say “no-no” in the cutest voice at whatever object caused you pain (once you’re free from it). Grandma taught you this!


** You’ve started saying “touchdown” and raising your arms above your head and clasping your hands together. Daddy is very proud.


** Before bed time, we’re usually both in your room reading with you. Then one of us will rock with you for a few minutes before putting you down. At this point the other one of us will leave the room. You say bye and wave. You continue waving in the pitch black until you hear us say one final goodbye and shut the door.


** You LOVE pointing out everyone’s hats. Even the football players “hats.”


** We’re learning lots of body parts…. head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, knees, hands, toes, etc.


** You’ve discovered the car key clicker and insist on locking the car. You get so excited when you see the lights flash letting you know that you’ve successfully locked it.


** You just recently starting saying “oh no!” to everything. I found you in the corner of our bedroom with an empty tissue box. All the tissues were strewn about the floor. When you saw me, you threw the box and said “oh no!” I told you it’s not “oh no!” when you purposefully do something. I picked you up and you looked back at the pile of tissues and with a very stern finger-waving you said “no-no.”


  1. Natalie says:

    Wow! She is growing so fast! This is great you do this – she will love to read these when she’s older too :)

  2. robin whiffen says:

    These are great Barb, all so sweet and funny! I LOVE that you do this each month.

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