Weekend wrap-up: Oct 17, 2015

October 20, 2015

Welcoming back the weekend wrap-up :)


Friday afternoon found us at the doctor for the diagnosis of C’s first ear infection. She had a double ear infection. I assume it’s part of the right of passage to daycare. The doctor also informed us that they’re sick pretty often during the first 18 months in a public setting. I figured as much, but I didn’t like the confirmation :(


On Saturday we headed to a pumpkin festival at Escondido High School, with the Reinkings. This holiday season is infinitely better than last holiday year because Charlotte is so much more aware and able to do so many more things! It was so fun to see her in the petting zoo, hearing all the real-life “baaaah’s” from the sheeps and petting all the animals. We attempted the bounce house, but I was too nervous because of the few big kids that were in there and there wasn’t an easy access for adults to retrieve their kids, if needed. She seemed content bouncing on the outer rim of the bounce house though, so it was a win-win.



{Already aware of the value of sunscreen.}



{saying “baaaaaaaah!!!” to the sheep}



{She loved petting the goats.}



{Determined to pick up a pumpkin (see here).}



{With her buddy, Davis.}


On Sunday we went to our friends wedding at a castle in Ramona. It was the first day, in a long time, where it was super gray and chilly. Finally a little taste of fall! It even rained a little, too!! Lots of babies are comin’ your way, Mel and Joey!



{Me + my handsome wedding date}



{The beautiful bride and groom.}



{It’s no secret that we LOVE photo booths.}


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