iPhone camera

October 8, 2015

The beauty of having a phone with a camera is that I take more pictures. The downside is that Charlotte goes bananas when I tell her she can’t play with the phone or watch yet another video of herself. She will literally thrust the phone at you so you will unlock it for her.


One day a couple weeks ago, in the midst of a “put your password in the phone so I can watch videos of myself” tantrum, I had the phone screen facing her.


phone screen1

{“Ah, the phone. There I am. I need to see more pictures of myself.”}


phone screen2

{“Give me the phone.”}


Phone screen3

{“I’m so close to gettting the phone.”}


phone screen4

{“Wait. That’s dad. What’s he doing?”}


phone screen5

{“Isn’t daddy right behind me??”}


phone screen6

{“Okay, now I can laugh because daddy is being weird.”}


Distraction is the name of the game!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love these!!! So cute!!

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