16 Months of Charlotte

August 26, 2015

16 months of Charlotte! (a week late)



16 months

{Reading books with Frank.}


** You have TWO molars! You actually had two during at the time of your 15 month update, we just didn’t know it.


**You do the cutest things- you whisper. If we make soft sounds, you copy us right back.


**You’re definitely talking and saying words, they’re just not as articulate as when we say the words.


**A screw (a huge orange plastic non-choking-hazard screw) came apart from your potty. Daddy put your potty back together while you watched curiously from the bathtub. Right after I dried you off and brushed your hair, you went to your potty and squatted next to it to inspect the fixed screw. You started talking a bit, while touching the screw and trying to figure it out. You sat there for 30 seconds- 1/2 of which I got on video. The next FOUR nights after your bath- you remembered the screw and went to figure out how it got replaced.


**You had your first daddy/daughter weekend when daddy surprised mommy with girls weekend getaway to Palm Springs. You two did great!


**You love to hear yourself scream/yell. You’re not upset, you just enjoy making that sound. I’ve caught you on more than one occasion screaming/yelling and dancing in front of the full-length mirror in our bedroom. You’ve also been known to yell really quick then giggle and giggle. You think it’s the funniest thing. You’ll do this over and over and you think it’s really funny when I raise my eyebrows to you with a look of “what are you doing?!”


**You love to play in your VW Bus. You’ll sit really still in there and wait for us to burst through one of the doors to scare you. You laugh and laugh and laugh. You could play this game for hours.


**Books are still some of your favorite toys. You love to sit in anyone’s lap and “read” them.


**Harmonizing – you are your daddy’s daughter. You love to do this with off-key mom or on-key dad.


**You love to walk between my legs. You’ll come up behind me, stick your head through my legs, then put your arms around the back of my legs and walk with me. You almost push me, you’re so excited to get walking.


**Whenever you want up (either picked up, or taken out of your highchair), you raise your arms. Your left palm faces out and goes up and down and you point your right pointer finger up-up-up.


**You’ve turned into a little trickster. You hid the Apple TV remote for a good 48 hours and you hid one of our fob’s for over a month! We’re going to start docking things out of your allowance ;)


**When you don’t like a food we’re trying to give you, you rub your eyes and shake your head back and forth pretending your tired, but then you’ll slowly lift your hands away from your eyes and peek to see if said food item is still there. If it is, you go back to rubbing your eyes. If it’s not, you’re miraculously not tired anymore.


**When you want to eat, you go straight to the fridge and start doing the “eat” and “more” signs.


**You did swim lessons with Grandma. Unfortunately they were during your nap time, so half the time you just floated in the water. We’re still working on getting you to stay in the water for more than a few minutes at a time. Typically you want in, then you want out, then you want in, then you want out. It’s almost not worth going to the pool with all the stress.


**We got you a new little buggy for you to cruise around in. You love it. We’ve affectionately started calling it Daisy.


**You’ve switched to one nap/day.

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