Weekend Wrap-up

August 12, 2015

Another San Diego summer weekend :)


Saturday morning we headed over to USD and walked around for a bit. Charlotte ran off some energy and played the piano and sang ever so softly- it was the sweetest thing. Afterwards we ALL TOOK A TWO HOUR NAP. This has never happened in the history of our life with Charlotte. She’s never been the best napper so I’ve never done the “sleep when the baby sleeps” because sometimes that baby would only sleep for 40 minutes and I would just be drifting off into dreamland when she’d awake. I would NOT be happy when that happened, so I normally just get stuff done around the house when she naps. Anyways, this 2 hour nap was an amazing treat.



{Our little music prodigy. As she was playing the piano, she was singing ever so softly.}



{Kind of getting used to sunglasses.}


After our restful slumber, we grabbed a late lunch and headed to Liberty Station to let Charlotte burn off some more energy :)



{One of her favorite places to be.}



{She would wave at every plane that flew by.}


Sunday morning we did our normal grocery run (including a Jamba Juice treat) and cleaning up around the house. After Charlotte’s nap, we headed to the beach to rent bikes. We’ve been thinking about buying bikes, but figured we should rent them first to see if C even likes them. Nope. She was not a fan. She was pissed when we put the helmet on her. Like screaming-bloody-murder-tears-running-down-her-face-trying-to-pull-the-helmet-off pissed. I was so embarrassed as we crossed the busy street to get to the boardwalk. Once we got to the boardwalk, we took the helmet off. She needs to get used to wearing it, but I figured we were somewhat safe since there aren’t any cars on the boardwalk. She still wasn’t that impressed with the bikes. She cried and whimpered for the majority of our trip until Matt played ‘Uptown Funk’ on his phone and she eventually gave in to a 35 minute nap.



{Such a big girl with her own Jamba sitting in her own chair.}


beach2{C was too busy holding onto the handle bar to look up for a picture.}



{It was so cute. She kept trying to look around the corner to see me… but then as soon as she spotted me she’d start crying again- that wasn’t so cute.}


sun5{It was a gorgeous day at the beach.}


Needless to say, we won’t be buying bikes anytime soon.

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