Surprise Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs

August 5, 2015

I LOOOOVE surprises! I’ve been telling Matt since the day we met to surprise me with something and he did!


He surprised me with a girls weekend getaway to Palm Springs for my birthday! This surprise was in the works for over 3 months which I am floored by. I usually pick up on things, but I HAD NO IDEA.


Since I love details, I’ll give them all to you:

Six days before my birthday, he told me that my birthday present would be at 1pm the Saturday after my birthday. I immediately thought massage/sky dive/lunch with friends/etc. I kind of peppered him with questions throughout the week, but I wasn’t over-the-top annoying with questions because I wanted to be surprised!! One question I kept asking was “what should I wear?” and he kept replying with “we’ll discuss it on Thursday.” On Tuesday he said “we may have to discuss it on Wed because there are some variables.” Hmmmmm.


On Wednesday evening while I was giving Charlotte her bath, Matt called from a work event. He told me that I needed to get C out for a minute and go to the door because part of my birthday present was just delivered. He also told me not to look through the peep-hole which is super nerve-wracking for me. When I opened the door, my sister jumped out from the side and said “Surprise!! We’re going to Palm Springs!!!” I was sooooo confused because she had just been here for over a week less than two weeks prior and she hates traveling from where she lives. Apparently this surprise trip was planned before her previous (work) trip.


It wasn’t until my sister was here that I made another connection…. Matt’s mom was going to babysit Friday night because his work was having a dinner for employees + 1’s. He actually had me reschedule dinner plans with a friend because of this dinner.


The rest of the surprises started trickling in… I had Friday off of work which was already arranged, my friend Venus showed up as our ride on Friday, 30 minutes later my friend Ly showed up (btw, she completely threw me because she asked my sister and I to breakfast that morning since she wanted to see my sister AND she told me all her weekend plans (and she has a 7 month old)- she’s so good). On Saturday, two more of my girlfriends, Natalie and Kira, showed up while we were at the pool.



{Checking out the pool when we first arrived. Isn’t the hand-me-down tank my sister gave me two weeks ago (that I’m wearing) fitting?}



{Falling in love with the selfie stick.}



{Lauren – Ly – Venus}



{The gangs all here.}



{After a yummy sushi dinner.}



{Seesters, in bad lighting.}


It was such a wonderful, relaxing weekend just hanging out, catching up and having long dinners. I forgot what it was like to just lay by the pool and people-watch. No heart attacks being given by C as she attempts to walk off the ledge into the pool, no whining, no crying in the car seat, no 6:45am wake-up call. It was just what I needed.


Next surprise is what car we buy! I can’t make up my mind, so I gave Matt my spreadsheet- yes I have a spreadsheet – listing all the cars I would consider and their pros and cons. I told him to surprise me with the decision.

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  1. Lauren says:

    How did I never know you love surprises??? Maybe because I don’t like them, I assumed….anywho, awesome weekend, so many laughs and memories! xoxo

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