Weekend wrap-up

July 27, 2015

How is it the end of July and next weekend is the first weekend in August??


I dubbed this as my birthday weekend, since my birthday is today :) We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, I just claimed that everything we did was because it was my birthday.


On Saturday we headed to the beach. This was the first time we’ve really taken Charlie to the beach. Like sit-in-the-sand-eat-the-sand-throw-the-sand beach trip. We think she was a fan. She really enjoys picking up handfuls of dirt, so we thought that she just might sit in one place for more than one minute digging in the sand. Incorrect assumption on our part.



{All set for the beach with her cheese stick and beach toys.}



{She plopped right down and knew to start digging. She was probably waiting for us to tell her “stop/no/dirty/gross/yucky.”}



{Beach selfie}



{Her first taste of sand. She didn’t like it, so she tried to scrape it out of her mouth with her sandy fingers. It didn’t work.}



{Daddy didn’t want to sit in his chair anyways.}



{This beach was purrrrfect for kids.}


I will say that going to the beach was way less stressful than taking her to the pool. At the pool, when she’s not in the pool, she’s walking around and you have to be right there with her because at any moment she might decide to walk directly into the pool and she’d be under the water in a millisecond. At the beach we were able to let her walk 10 steps ahead of us because it would take her awhile to get to the water and she wouldn’t be under the water in a millisecond. Although she did walk right in and there was a little drop-off that she could care less about…


We went to the Southpark Walkabout that night and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants- Station Tavern. We attended a free music class where Charlie took Music and Sign Language classes at, walked through some of the cute shops and ran into some friends. It was such a beautiful summer evening.



{Catching bubbles.}



{In music class she was A) handing people all the instruments, b) dancing in the middle of the group, or c) walking the around the room seeing what she could get into.}


On Sunday, we got so much stuff done around the house (laundry, putting things away, cleaning, grocery shopping) before 11am- yay! We then hung out with some friends from our Community Group in the early afternoon and ended the day with some birthday shopping for yours truly.



{Her sunglasses stayed on for more than 2 seconds!}


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  1. Lisa says:

    Yessss you got sunglasses to stay on for more than 1 second, amazing!! Haha I know exactly how you feel! how cute are they!!

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