15 Months of Charlotte

July 22, 2015

How is it possible you are 1 1/4 years old?


15 months{This couldn’t sum up her personality better.}


**We went to the fair and you went on the Teacups. That wasn’t a great choice on mom’s part. You were pretty unsure of them and were trying to get out as the ride was going, but as soon as you spotted daddy in the crowd you were all good. You kept turning around to see him again and again.


**We’ve started calling you Charlie more. This may or may not have to do with the fact that the new Princess is named Charlotte (and it seems like sooooo many other babies are now named Charlotte!!!). I’m sorry that you will be one of 5 Charlotte’s in your class.


**You have gotten so good at waving hi and bye. You also love blowing kisses bye-bye.


**You love it whenever anyone copies the noises you’re making.


**As soon as bath time is over, you’re reaching for the drawer that has your toothbrush and toothpaste. You still don’t really get brushing your teeth, but practice makes perfect, right?


**You’re signing the following: more, eat, up, hear, milk, thank you.


**You’ve been doing this awhile now, but I hope you continue. You run to us when we get home from work! You hear the door and come running as fast as you can so you can give us a big ol’ bear hug. I hope you NEVER stop doing this. Even when you’re 15, you can do this :)


**You’ve started stacking things. I came home from the grocery store one evening and needed to keep you distracted so I could put the groceries away. I have you 5 canned items and you started stacking them all on your own! They’d topple over when you got to 4 high, but then you’d start over. (picture of this, here)


**You’ve gone tinkle in the potty four times now! We know these are just flukes, but that doesn’t stop us from putting you on the potty after your bath every night.


**You grunt/moan/whine when you want something. I wish I could say it’s cute, but…. We ask if you want more and we give you what you want when you don’t grunt/moan/whine, but instead sign more.


**Whenever I’m squatting down (i.e. getting something out of the fridge, cleaning the floor after you’ve eaten), you come running up behind me! I’m not sure if you think you’re sneaking up on me, but you basically use me as your jungle gym and you giggle like crazy when I reach around and tickle you.


**You’re still taking two naps a day.


**You still aren’t a fan of the car seat. I keep thinking it’s because you’re not forward-facing, but we plan to keep you rear-facing for a couple more years. We’re just going to have to grin and bear it for the next couple years :(


**You have 8 teeth + 1 molar! We have no idea when that molar came through, but we just saw it the other day and it is SO there.


**You still LOVE Sesame Street. We put it on for you every morning. For awhile it was the same episode over and over (we have Apple TV) and then finally it was a new one! I don’t know who was more excited- us or you. I know for a fact that you knew it was a new one b/c you couldn’t take your eyes off of the TV. You sat in your chair so patiently with your eyes completely fixed on Big Bird and the bird who stole his nest.


**We got you your own little chair. You quickly figured out how to push it up against the couch so you could climb onto the couch and jump. You also figured out you can push it up to the dining room table to give you a little more reach so you could get your hands on the remote.


**You still hate anything on your head- hats, sunglasses, headbands. I hope this phase passes soon. You’ll let us put a barrette in your hair, but as soon as you remember it’s there, you pull it out. Hence keeping your hair out of your face with rubber bands.


**You love corners! You’ll “hide” in them and you’ll just go stand in them sometimes. Maybe you feel more secure with something against your back?


**When you’re standing there (in the corner, against the couch or just in the middle of the room) and we say “I’m gonna get you!” you squeal with delight and run until you can run no further. Then you turn around and charge at us with your head down and your arms outstretched in front of you, laughing and squealing and jumping into our laps. It’s as though the anticipation of waiting for us to come get you is too much :)


**You are rocking an awesome farmers tan. Your skin has such a beautiful olive tone to it. I think you get it from your Italian side, but who knows.


**You love going into your closet and rummaging around. You’ll pull your laundry basket down from the shelf and take out all your dirty clothes, then you’ll fill it with whatever else you can pull out – diapers, shoes, wipes, etc. Or you’ll flip the basket over and put all those items on top of the basket.


**You talk sooooo much. We just don’t know what you’re saying quite yet. We think you’re on the cusp of saying understandable words, but we’ve been saying that for a couple months now. You talk with such passion and emotion all while pointing at things. We feel confident that you’ll speak when you’re ready and until then we’ll try to glean what we can from your babble.


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