Weekend Wrap-Up

July 20, 2015

We had a fun, albeit hot + humid + rainy weekend.


My sister came back to visit us on Friday afternoon. She was in North County for work for most of the week. We went to Rancho Bernardo winery on Friday evening. They have a summer event every Friday night. It took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get there because I had the bright idea to go the back way to miss the freeway traffic. Unfortunately my bright idea included lots of red lights which I didn’t factor. Luckily we made it to the winery (with few car seat meltdowns from C) and still had a good time.


fri1{Me and my seester.}


fri2{It was such a cool winery with so many little shops.}




My sister, Charlotte and I went to breakfast and did some shopping on Saturday. We timed this perfectly to get stuck in the monsoon that struck San Diego. Once we were home and dried off, we ventured back out into the lovely humidity to say goodbye to some friends that are leaving sunny, humid San Diego for New York City.


sat1{C is known for her many facial expressions. Here is one of them.}


sat2{Auntie Lo and C.}


sat3{The 3 of us + C’s raisins.}


sat4{A baby. At a bar. ON a bar.}


On Sunday we bought a coffee table + end table off Craigslist. I’m so excited for our find(s)! I’ve got big plans for the both of them, so hopefully I’ll get to it in the next couple weeks. We also ran some errands and celebrated our little baby turning 15 months old. How did that happen?


sun1{She loves going for rides in the laundry basket. Contrary to what it may appear, she’s not unhappy, she’s just trilling her lips.}


sun2{Eating a snack in her chair.}


Next weekend is my birthday weekend and we will NOT be running any errands!!!  You would think it’s Matt’s birthday weekend with a statement like that. We will be doing whatever I want to do and having lots of fun while doing it!

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  1. Lauren says:

    So wonderful and fantastic to be able to spend so much time with C..er…all of you….but, really C.

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