Weekend Wrap-Up

July 13, 2015

One of our favorite San Diego activities happened this past weekend- Comic Con (people-watching)! And a bonus was that my sister was in town to finally experience it :)


This is mine and Matt’s 8th year going, Charlie’s 2nd year and my sisters first year! If you can handle crowds, it’s a fun people-watching spectacle that is about way more than just comics. I feel like with each year, there are more and more activities happening outside the convention center, so there are a lot of “experiences” for non Comic Con attendees to see and be a part of.


sat1{Promoting some penguin show.}


sat2{I don’t know who this guy is, but he had his own photo person blocking the sun.}


sat3{Charlie is unsure what to think about the large Uncle Sam Shark that is towering above us.}


sat4{Matt with someone.}


sat5{Charlie is still riding strong forward facing in the Ergo. I really hope we can get her to like riding on the back soon.}


On Sunday we did some shopping, went out to lunch and visited the downtown waterfront park. It’s funny how much C loves the splash pad type places, but is hit and miss with the pool. Maybe the pool will just take time.


sun1{First things first on Sunday morning. C sits in her toy basket while auntie sits in C’s chair.}


sun2{She would run in and out, in and out (not the best iphone pic).}


sun3{Matt put C’s towel on his head and each time C ran out of the water, she would stand and stare at him and then take the towel off his head.}


sun4{Post-waterpark fun picture.}


We’re sooooooo lucky because my sister is still in town (for work) and will be here next weekend too!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Loved that we were able to spend so much time together and do such fun things!!

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