4th of July 2015

July 6, 2015

We had such a great 3 day weekend! I wish the weather would have been a little warmer on Saturday and Sunday (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that).


On Friday we went to our friends 4th of July/birthday celebration. We went for the large part of the afternoon, so C didn’t get her 2nd nap until we started driving home around 5:30. She crashed HARD. like even when we got her out of her car seat she couldn’t stay awake. So, it was a little later bedtime (8ish) for her.


fr11{Catch me if you can!}


fri2{Our festive little family.}


fri3{Her 2-second attention span was expiring here. She had to get up and go explore some more.}


fri4{C with a couple of the other babies. When did she get so big?????}

For the 4th, we took the ferry over to Coronado to watch the parade. It was so much fun and I feel like it will be a new tradition for us. Coronado is the quintissential all-American 4th of July town to me, so it was fun to spend some of our day there. It was definitely the best 4th of July parade I’ve been to as well- lots of people, tons of red/white/blue and many thanks given to the military.¬† Afterwards, we had lunch¬† on the island, headed back to downtown on the ferry, then went swimming and bbq’ing.


sat1{Pointing at everything while riding the ferry.}


sat2{Parade fun.}


sat3{Wearing the same bloomers that she wore last year. I was SO happy they still fit when I put them on.}




sat5{She looks like such a toddler with her pigtails.}


sat6{My crazy face trying to get C to smile and distract her to the fact that she’s wearing sunglasses.}


The sun didn’t come out to visit on Sunday, so we ran some errands, went to lunch (where C very much enjoyed some black beans and double/triple/quadruple dipping her chip in salsa), did a little grocery shopping for the week and watched USA kick Japan’s butt in the World Cup!!

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  1. robin whiffen says:

    Love these pictures, LOVE that pigtail pic, indeed Charlotte looks so like an older toddler. Those beautiful blue eyes and LASHES!!!

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