Weekend Wrap-Up

June 29, 2015

We had a jam-packed weekend and loved it!


On Friday night we went to dinner and watched the Women’s World Cup. At one point during the game, everyone started screaming and cheering really loudly and it freaked the beegeezees out of Charlotte. She ended up finishing dinner in our laps :)


Saturday¬† morning we headed to the fair bright and early. It rained on us. Seeing as though I was in a tank top, shorts and a sun hat, I had no idea rain was in the forecast. And it wasn’t warm rain either. At least it only lasted 15 minutes and we got to check out all the indoor exhibits during that time. I think Charlotte loved the fair and will love it even more in the years to come.


fair1{Trying to win Charlotte a gigantic flamingo. We won a small (lame) shark instead.}


fair2{The fair is great and all, but look at this BARK!}


fair3{Her first ride…. the teacups! Not my finest mom-choice. I thought they remained stationary unless you spun them. They didn’t. Once C spotted daddy watching, she was all good and kept trying to find him in the crowd.}


fair4{She loved reaching through and petting the sheep.}


fair5{Trying to get the goats attention.}


Saturday night we headed to a friends bday party early, then went out to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! We went to Cucina Urbana and Extraordinary desserts. This is our 3rd year in a row celebrating this way and I love the tradition :) Except waiting in line for dessert. I could do without that part of the tradition.


sat1{This is the only picture I got. Super bummed I didn’t get a picture of the insanely delicious and rich chocolate cake I had for dessert.}


We went to our first baseball game of the season! We sat in the grass last year and it was a wholly different experience with a 14 month old. Just like it will be a different experience with a 26 month old next year! I don’t even think Charlotte knew there was a baseball game going on. She was more concerned with sitting in her collapsed stroller and being a little daredevil on the playground and running down a steep grassy slope.


game1{She loved sitting in her collapsed stroller and eating off her tray.}


game2{Is there something on my hat?}


game3{It got cold again so our sunhats came off!}


Here’s to a short week and the upcoming 4th of July holiday!



  1. Lauren says:

    You look so beautiful!

  2. Ly says:

    what a cuuuuute fun family! Love the last mother/daughter photo at the game :)

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