Our Trip to Colorado

June 26, 2015

Oh, how I love Colorado!


I first have to mention what an angel Charlotte was on the flight to Denver. She slept the entire time. Unheard of, right?? As we were taxiing and gaining speed, her eyes shut and they didn’t open until we were about 5-10 feet off the ground in Denver, about to land. It took everything in me not to brag to our fellow passengers about how good she was and to remind them that there was a quiet 14-month old on their flight. I knew we’d pay for this on the plane ride back…. and we did. We also paid for it during our stay as she decided to get up at the a** crack of dawn each day.


My entire family (all 9 of us- including extended family) visited for a few days, so it was a family reunion as well as a celebration of my dad’s retirement. Charlotte got to meet some family members that she hadn’t met yet, we walked through Old Town (one of our favorite things to do), visited a brewery, went to the park, had a picnic, went Whitewater rafting, ate lots of yummy food, played games in the backyard, had a fun splash pad visit and all in all had a great time.


colo1-1{Watching Sesame Street in the same rocking chair that her Papa and mommy sat in when they were her size.}


colo2{Attempting to crawl DOWN this slide. The girl is fearless. Or simply unaware.}


colo3{First time in the splash pad and she looooooved it.}


colo4{Playing games in the backyard (with a cute little onlooker who is trying to eat pieces of the game).}


colo5{my seester and me}


colo8{We finally got a 4-generation picture! I LOVE that we have a 4-generation picture with my great-grandma (my mom’s grandma) when I was a baby, so I hope Charlotte loves this one just as much.}


colo12{Reorganizing the Domino’s for Noni.}


colo9{We went Whitewater Rafting and it was AWESOME. This is my second time going (on the same river) and it was so much fun. The water was 36 degrees, so we rented wetsuits. Best $10 I’ve spent in a looooong time.}


colo10{Such a good little helper. She wanted to help Noni and Papa with watering the plants. It’s so cute how she literally backs up into your lap to take a seat in front of you.}


colo13v2{Any brewery with games is a winner in C’s book.}


colo14{Checking out Funkwerks brewery.}


It is HARD work traveling with a baby. I don’t understand how some people travel with their baby(s) monthly! And Internationally! I know C will be so much easier to travel with once she’s older that I don’t even care that we’ll have to pay for her plane ticket since she’ll be over 2.

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