My Dad’s Retirement Party

June 18, 2015

After many, many, many years in the workforce, my dad has retired!


In very un-Dooley fashion, we decided to celebrate this momentous occasion and not let it pass us by with barely an acknowledgement. Us Dooley’s typically don’t celebrate much as we don’t think things are a big deal (I’m still hearing from my sister that we barely acknowledged her PhD accomplishment), but my sister and I were adamant that we do something for my dad.


We started planning the party in February and it was wonderful having my mom be local to scout on the restaurants, order balloons, order cakes, etc. All of our extended family (all 9 of us!) were there from all over- San Diego, New Mexico, Alaska, Michigan, so it made for a little family reunion as well. There were lots of friends from near and far and previous co-workers who came out to celebrate… about 40 people total!


invitation{The invitation}


party1{The welcome table.}


I had ONE item which I requested that everyone do. I made a booklet similar to this mini scrapbook I made my sister years ago. I made up little sheets of paper and asked people to write down suggestions as to what my dad should do with all his free time now. Not that he has free time with the complete remodel they’re doing to every inch of their current home, but soon enough, he’ll have time on his hands.


party2{Favors: “A Sweet ending to a long career” with candy in the red/blue/white non-patriotic theme.}


party3{I made a map of my dad’s career. From when he left college to present. He’s definitely stayed along the outskirts of the US.}


party4{Close-up of the map.}


party6{sister + mom}


party7{hubby + baby}


party8{I finally caught my little while she was zooming all over the place throughout the party.}


cakes{Vanilla + Lemon and Chocolate + Raspberry}


party9{My dad and his party hosts :)}


It was truly a wonderful celebration and I’m so glad my sister, Matt and I threw this for him. It was sooooooo deserved and I know he really appreciated it and everyone for coming out.


  1. Lauren says:

    I only keep mentioning the PhD thing because I know how bad you feel. I mean, thanks for the card 3 months later and all…
    This was such a great, fun, fulfilling trip. I’m so glad you, Matt and I were able to host the party and that so many people attended!

  2. Venus LeBel says:

    Congrats to your Dad!!! Well deserved party and the party hosts are the cutest!!! Xo

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