13 months of Charlotte

May 27, 2015

I thought I would stop these monthly updates when Charlotte turned 1, but I decided to keep them going for now because there are sooooo many things I don’t want to forget. She’s growing so fast and learning new things each day.



13 months


**You love when the refrigerator door gets opened. You rush to it to see what you can grab and throw on the floor before we stop you.


**About 6 weeks ago you learned how to pull the lever on our Brita filter and spill water everywhere.


**We have never seen you sit still for so long as you do when Sesame Street is on. It’s a true miracle that you sit still for at least 10 minutes.


**You’ve learned to open up our doors. Nothing is safe now since every one of the doors in our place has the same handle. You reach up on your tip toes and in a matter of 3-5 seconds, the door is open.


**You’ve discovered that you can walk backwards. You think it’s so funny! You giggle and smile the whole time you’re walking backwards.


**You love to crawl up the stairs in our new place. You get sooooo happy when we allow you to do this. After every couple steps, you stop to look back at us to make sure we’re watching and that we’re as excited as you are. Of course we’re climbing right behind you.


**I hope I never, ever, ever forget your face when you’re running. Your eyes get so big and you start making all these noises like it’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done.


**You are so stinkin’ smart. Even though your diaper pail has a lock on it (on the part where the dirty diaper goes), you’ve taken to opening the whole lid. We now have a safety strap on it because of something you did one morning…..


**You still love discovering new sounds your mouth/tongue can make. When we facetime with Noni and Papa, Papa will make clicking sounds with his tongue and you’ll imitate him.


**You’ve started to wrap your hands (strongly) around our necks when we’reĀ  holding you. It’s the sweetest feeling in the world. Like you’re really holding us back :)


** Most of our door stoppers are off and put away. You’ve done your due diligence and taken them out, then proceeded to take off the little white caps (insert: choking hazard), so we’ve tucked them away up very, very high.


**You LOVE your Grandma!!! You get so sad to see her leave everyday. I absolutely love being a witness to the bond you two have.


**Baby proofing the drawers in our kitchen and bathrooms has proven to be very difficult in our new place. As pretty as the cabinets are, they are NOT conducive to baby-proofing (they overlap and are small), so it’s a constant headache…. especially for me in the mornings when I’m trying to get ready in the bathroom and you’re trying to empty all the drawers and when I try to stop you, you decide that playing with the toilet bowl brush would be more fun anyways.


**We find ourselves saying “no” A LOT lately. You do not like this word. You get so upset and start crying.


**Teething… it sucks. You’ve had such a rough go this past month or so. At your 1st birthday you had 5 teeth, you’ve since had one break through and I swear there are 3-4 others trying to break through at the same time.


**I find lots of missing items at the bottom of my boots. When I’m getting ready in the morning, you’re busy putting lots of items in my shoes (i.e. pacifier, baby locks, make-up, hair brush, nail polish, etc.)


**You love taking off your socks. It drives me crazy. You were busting out of your 12 month pj’s around your one-year birthday. We went pj shopping with the gift cards you received, but much to our disappointment “feety” pajamas are out of season :( So, we’re left with long pants and short sleeves. I put socks on you before you go to bed, but every morning when we get you out of your crib- they’re off.


**The hair dryer. It kinda freaks you out. When I get it out to dry my hair, you slowly step back with a concerned look on your face. When I hold it out to you, so you can touch it and realize that it’s not a mean device, you continue your slow stepping-back. You’re very weary of this loud device.


**Oh how you love to go through my nightstand drawer. Daddy is smart and keeps his empty, but mommy on the other hand has stuff to put in hers. You just want to take e v e r y t h i n g out. Possibly rip up some pages of my books, but mainly take everything out then move onto your next conquest.


**You’re still quite the good eater! Finicky, but good. You love your protein and dairy that’s for sure. We give you bites of practically everything. We recently introduced beets. You liked them one day, then the next you wanted nothing to do with them.


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  1. Venus LeBel says:

    I really love that you’ve done this every month!! I wish that I had thought of this when the boys were younger. This will be great for you all to reflect on when she’s older. Love, love, love!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    She is so cute! Ah, socks and the hair dryer, same with our girls!! and also our girls didn’t like the “no” word too, so we would start to say “not for Emma, not safe” or “not for Ava, too hot” etc… And it actually helped them both (I think). 1 year olds are SOoo fun!! Enjoy

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