Our “New” Master Bedroom

May 22, 2015

Welcome to our Master Bedroom!


I was sooooooooo excited to move out of our old apartment. Mainly because of all the modern amenities and simple conveniences it was lacking, but also because I knew I could decorate our new place in a way that really reflected our style and felt like us. I couldn’t do this with our old place because so many items I wanted wouldn’t really fit with the look of our our place and/or wouldn’t fit in general.


One of my main goals I wanted to accomplish with our bedroom was for it to not feel cluttered and I feel like I accomplished that. In our old room, we had so many pieces of furniture….. 3 dressers (!!!), 2  nightstands, 2 nightstand lamps, 1 chair, items on top of all our dressers, stuff on the walls, our bed was on risers to take advantage of more storage, etc. In our new room there are no books on our nightstands, hardly anything on our dressers (and only 2 dressers!!), and nothing under our beds except for flash lights in case of an emergency. Woohoo!!




I reupholstered our headboard with some new, bright fabric. The old headboard only had batting, so this time I put 2 layers of foam down then the batting and I love how much more “plush” it looks. As much as I’d love to get a new duvet since this white one feels so stark against the headboard, our current one will do for now.


We got new nightstands from Living Spaces and lamps from Home Goods. I’m normally not one for symmetry, but for some reason I really like it in a bedroom.




We got rid of one of our dressers and just kept two. I had big plans to paint them a light dove gray color the weekend we moved in. What was I thinking?! I’d still love to paint them one day, but that’s nowhere near the top of my to-do list.


Always the fan of a photo gallery, I did a little one in our bedroom. There’s a wedding picture, a painting of our wedding location a couple pictures from our honeymoon and one of my absolute favorite photos from our newborn shoot with Charlotte.




And last but not least, one of my favorite pieces in our room…. our wedding song lyrics/sheet music framed! I saw this idea on one of the many Instagram accounts I follow. They had done an entire poster with the song lyrics, but I wasn’t about to devote that much time and money to this project. I simply found our lyrics online, purchased the sheet music, printed it out, ripped the sides of the paper, taped it to some butcher paper, put it in the frame and called it a day (after nailing about 10 holes in the wall trying to get it hang straight…).




I love all the empty floor space we have now. It feels so much more freeing and I don’t feel suffocated when I go in our bedroom anymore. Now that I’m looking at these pictures, our room seems a bit plain. Ahhh. Stop it, Barbara, stop it. The room is fine…..



  1. Meira says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the original tutorial for the headboard! I made my own and blogged about it and linked your directions, would love if you’d take a peek!

  2. Brooke says:

    Love it all! Looks like it is right out of a magazine!
    How did you do your headboard?

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