12 Months of Charlotte

April 22, 2015

12 Months of Charlotte!!


one year{Just the cutest thing ever.}


** You don’t sit in your “ring of neglect” (aka. the little seat jumpy thing) anymore, but you love to go turn the music on and start dancing. You have the cutest dance move ever. You start bending your knees and bounce up and down and lift one hand like you’re raising the room. As soon as you turn the music on you look to make sure everyone is watching you dance.


**We moved to a new place right on your 11 month birthday. Much to our surprise, you took it in total stride and we had no “sleeping through the night” issues.


**If the item can be baby Charlotte proofed in our house, it is. Dressers and nightstands are bolted to the walls, there are locks on our trashcans and toilets, etc. If it’s not baby proofed, you are sure to find it and let us know.


**Napping is still a mystery to us all. Lately it’s become obvious that you NEED more sleep, but you just won’t do it. We need to figure out some nap training.


**You are such a momma’s girl. You get so upset if I leave the room.


**You love your blankie.  You will not go to sleep without it. During the day you’ll squeeze your little arm through the crib slats so you can grab it and bring it with you throughout the house. You also do this with your pacifier. We’re fine with you still having it since you only use it at night, but it does look odd when you’re walking around with it in your mouth.


**You love to carry baskets, poufs and boxes (that are all way to big for you) from your room to the living room.


**You’ve discovered our hiding spots for our phones and remotes (behind the couch pillows and on the top of the couch behind the cushions). When you’re on the couch, you’re throwing pillows onto the floor and standing on your tip-toes to see behind the cushions.


**You’re teething like crazy. I’m always thinking you have an ear infection because you keep pulling on your ears. The doctor confirms over and over that your ears are perfect and it’s all part of the teething process along with the runny nose. We’re working on tooth #5. At the rate we’re going I think we have 2 more years of this???


**You’ve started to assert your personality more and more. When you’ve got a hold of something that you shouldn’t have (i.e. our phones) and we try to get said item back, you let us know how unhappy you are. The tears and screams, oh my.


**When you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing and we repeat your name and tell you “no” you tend to ignore us, or look at us while continuing to do what you shouldn’t be doing. As soon as we stand up to remove you from whatever it is you’re doing, you scurry away so fast, run in circles and start laughing like it wasn’t you who was just misbehaving. It’s the funniest thing.


**We have a pool at our new place and you’re not really sold on it yet. You would much rather pick at the bark and flowers that outline the pool than actually go swimming.


**We transitioned you from your bottle + formula to sippy cup + almond milk on Good Friday without missing a beat. I was adamant that you’d be off a bottle by the time you turned one, but was very nervous about how the transition would go. I couldn’t believe that it was such a smooth transition.


**You are very finicky with your eating. One day you’ll love broccoli and the next day you’ll turn down your nose as if you’d never eat anything of the sort. The next day you’re back to loving it.


**Doggies. Doggies. Doggies. You get so excited when you see them. I think your noises scare them off which is probably a good thing because I’m always afraid they’ll bite you or something.


**Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” is still your favorite song of all time :) When it comes on in the car, I turn it up and watch your reaction in the mirror in the back seat. You get a big smile and start kicking the back of the seat, bouncing to the beat.  You’ll even raise your hand in the air.


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  1. Lauren says:

    Pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Watching her dance to Uptown Funk is one of my favorite Charlie things! Along with being so easily startled.

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