11 Months of Charlotte

March 30, 2015

11 Months of Charlotte


11months{11 months – wanting nothing to do with sitting still for these monthly pictures}


**You walk e v e r y w h e r e. When people see you walking and they’re shocked, I’m always taken aback because you walking right now is so normal to us.


** You usually wake up around 6/6:30 and we’re just not ready to get up that early, so we bring you into bed with us. Sometimes you fall back asleep and sometimes you play with your blankie. Most of the time you prefer to wake daddy up by poking him in the face.


**Diaper changes are still a challenge unless we distract you with a non-toy.


** About 25% of the time, when I go in to get you from a nap, you start walking away from me in your crib. I’m not sure where you think you’re going, but it’s pretty cute. Maybe you think I’m going to chase you?


** You are such a momma’s girl.


** Definitely in the “do not constrain me” period…. car seat, highchair, stroller…. you want none of them.


** You love to watch videos of yourself. You smile when you see yourself.


** Still smile after every sneeze.


** You love to watch me brush my teeth. I’ve started to brush yours (with your own toothbrush and toothpaste) and you really enjoy it.


** You get so happy and start to dance when Ellen comes on TV.


**You bring your books to us to read to you, then when we start reading you walk away smiling.


** We still can’t keep hats and sunglasses on you. I long for the day you realize their necessity :)


**You startle so easy. If you’re looking at someone and they sneeze, you are caught so off guard. You jump and sometimes start to cry.


**When we give you water to drink, you enjoy playing with it more than drinking. You let it roll down your chin and you end up soaked.


** You are so FAST!!! We were sitting in the living room and I decided to let you roam free for 10-15 seconds. When I went to find you, you had gone to the hall closet, taken out a handful of towels and thrown them on the floor and you were already behind the rocker in your nursery playing with the blinds!!


** You love reaching into your crib (from the outside) to grab your paci or blankie.


** Still only have 3 1/2 teeth. That 4th tooth is taking it’s sweet time coming in.


**You’ve started to drop it like it’s hot all over the house. It’s so cute. We don’t know if you’re trying to dance, or just stretching your muscles, or if you want to jump….


** Found out you have my sensitive skin :( So sad to see the dermatitis on your precious, soft skin.


** You hate when anyone leaves our house. You get the saddest frown on your face and start crying. You want everyone to stay and play.


** When we’re in public and new people talk to you, you’re very weary. When we’re at home and we have a visitor, you smile and walk right up to them.


** You love to pick up kitchen items (i.e. salad bowl, colander) and bring them to us. They’re pretty heavy, but you try with all your might to pick them up…. even getting into a deep squat to lift them.


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