10 Months of Charlotte

February 19, 2015

10 months of Charlotte!


IMG_2550{Month 10 = won’t sit still, wants to walk everywhere}

Can we please freeze time now?! I am officially obsessed with everything you do! I am very irritable when I have to do something after work that makes me get home later than normal.


**Clapping!! At your 9 month check up they asked if you were clapping and they asked in a way that suggested you should be. Of course I had a mini panic attack. Well, 4 days later you turned into a clapping machine. All my clapping finally paid off!! Every time you feed yourself a bit of food you start clapping (since that’s what I was constantly doing in trying to teach you how to clap). I love it. I hope you never stop getting excited about feeding yourself :)


** You are a walking machine!!! Before you turned 9 months, you were taking steps here and there. At 9 months + 1 week you were walking so much. Just letting go of whatever you were holding onto and walking to the next object that caught your eye. You have since become a master… you don’t let falling on your bottom deter you. You probably walk about 80% of the time now.


** You still love attempting to dive head-first off the couch. Although one morning, you decided to slide off FEET FIRST! As soon as your feet hit the floor, you walked to the front door!


** One morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and you were in there with me. I left to go into the bathroom and told you to follow me, assuming you’d crawl after me. I look over about 5 seconds later and you’re standing in our doorway!! You had walked from the opposite end of the bathroom to our bedroom doorway and were just watching me. When you saw me look at you, you walked so fast to me!!


** When you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing (i.e. grabbing a wire/cord behind the TV) and we say “Hey!!” you say your own version of “hey” back to us while looking at us. I imagine you’re saying “Hey yourself, mom/dad.” Then when we start to come get you, you drop whatever it is and start to crawl away as fast as you can all while smiling and laughing.


** If you get to the toilet before we can get to you and you see us coming to get to you, you bang your hands on the lid so hard and fast. You have to get every last bang in before we pull you away.


**You still think it’s sooooo funny to be chased!! You’ll crawl in circles out of excitement!


**You love to dance. You bounce up and down, up and down. You especially love the new Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk.” We’ve been known to have family dance parties to this song.


**You find it so fun to crawl behind us. If we’re sitting on the floor against the wall or couch, you will pull our shirt forward so you can squeeze between our back and the couch/wall. You also do this with the curtains in our bedroom. You crawl to them, pull it out, then crawl between the curtain and the wall. You do this over and over!


** You startle so easy! At night (after dinner and before bath time) we’ll be playing on the living room floor. Dad usually gets home during this time and when you hear the key in the door, you immediately drop what you’re doing and scramble to climb as fast as you can into my arms and then turn around to look at the front door. I know I say everything you do is the cutest thing ever, but this might take the cake.


**You started your 2nd month of Sign Language class with Grandma. I’m hopeful that one day you’ll start signing back to us. Your sign for “all done” is flailing to the opposite side of your highchair.


**When you wake up in the morning or from a nap, you’ve started taking to throwing all your pacifiers (4 total) and your little blankie (12×12 square) out of your crib and onto the floor.


**You’re still a pretty good eater- you love your protein (chicken, meatballs, cheese, Greek yogurt). You also love paper. Magazines, tissue paper, envelopes- if it’s paper, it’s in your mouth. I love that we can share most of our food with you. I am praying you always love food and bypass the picky-eater stage.


**You love handing us your toys, then grabbing them back. Our little Indian giver in the making.


**You’ve started to “hide” toys. You push your toys as far as you can under the couch and in the openings of the entertainment center, sit back and see your work, then immediately retrieve them.


**We just noticed your 4th tooth coming in. I think this is what can be blamed for the last few days of fussiness.


**You LOVE dogs!! You get so excited when you see one… pointing and making your “oh, oh, oh, oh” sound.


**Toys: You know what your ball looks like and you know how to play catch; You know your stuffed animal “Mr. Lamby” (it’s a lamb…. we’re so original). You’ll grab him and smother him. Nothing is cuter than your chubby little hands grabbing his face and kissing him; ¬†You love to “shake, shake, shake” with your maracas.


**You love your echo in the bathroom and you definitely let us know.


**We’re guaranteed to get a smile out of you as soon as we start singing “A-B-C-D….”


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