9 Months of Charlotte

January 23, 2015

9 Months of Charlotte!


9 months{9 months = we can’t contain this little monkey!}


** You love to make noises when you breathe in. I’m sure you’re practicing your whistling.


** Your hair is getting so long! Daddy is completely opposed to cutting it. We may need to trim your bangs soon though because they’re constantly falling in your eyes. And if we have a hair clip in your hair and you feel that it’s there, your hand is always up in the air trying to grab it and yank it out.


** If you’re in our bed in the morning, you make the sweetest sounds. The cutest “ooh’s” and “aah’s” and talking so sweetly as you wait for us to get up and feed you. The best alarm clock sound I’ve ever heard.


**You took two steps on your own on January 4th!!! Since then you’ve been standing/balancing for 10-15 seconds at a time and every once in awhile you take 1 or 2 steps. Any day now and we think you’ll be off and running.


** You still LOVE peek-a-boo.


** You (unintentionally) say “dada” over and over and over. When I look at you and you watch my mouth repeated say “mama,” you smile and say “dada.”


** You love Eskimo kisses. You smile and laugh every time I give one to you. And you sit so still and just wait :)


** You freak out when I leave the room. Screaming, crying, freaking out. It breaks my heart b/c you’re always in good hands (usually with dad or Grandma). If we thought separation anxiety had already set in, that was just a little teaser of what was to come.


** You almost always wake up from every nap standing in your crib, crying. Not sure if something startles you, or what. We go in to get you almost immediately and you take a few minutes to warm-up and become your normal, cheerful self.


** We’ve been trying to get you to feed yourself. At first you were very confused when we put pieces of food on your tray- you’d put your face to the tray and try to eat directly off the tray, omitting your hands in the whole “eating” process. Then you would just pick up the food and play with it in your hands. I think we’re finally making progress as you’ve really started to feed yourself pieces of food (meatball, pancake, cheese) these last few days. You couldn’t be more proud of yourself of this accomplishment.


** You started taking weekly baby sign language classes with Grandma. She says you’re a little social butterfly… crawling up and “talking” to other babies, climbing on the teacher while she’s standing and teaching the class, crawling into other parents laps to take a seat, etc. We’ll have to work on the “stranger danger” concept.


** PAPER. You still love it like nothing else. It always goes in your mouth. I’m certain I could give you paper and you would be happy for a good 20 minutes.


** You love to stand along the bathtub and drop your washcloth/toy into the tub over and over and over. And then try to retrieve it yourself. No, thank you. I will get that for you.


** Opening and closing doors. One of your favorite things.


** You are starting to do pull-ups, no joke. I had my dresser drawer open the other day and you hung onto it and lifted your little feet off the ground and pulled your legs up. I don’t even know if I could do that.


** It’s definitely “don’t take your eyes off Charlotte for one-split second” time (see above).


** We upgraded your car seat to a big girl seat! No more infant seat for you! These last few months have been torture riding with you in the car. You HATE it. You never get physically sick, so we’re not sure what it is. We thought a new car seat might do the trick, but it hasn’t. Your screaming in the car prevents us from going anywhere that will take us longer than 15 minutes, one-way. Seriously. We’ve missed fun events because of this since we’re 99.9% sure the ride home will be absolute torture.


** You’re starting to learn the concept of “chase.” We’ll chase you and say “I’m gonna get you!!” and you take off! You never army-crawled before crawling, but you army-crawl so fast while laughing and sometimes face-planting into the carpet. You love it ;)


** We’re almost done feeding you purees! Yippee!! You eat a lot of the food we eat and it’s so nice. It’s convenient for us and it’s so cute to see you try new foods.


** You only have 2 teeth (with a 3rd one taking it’s sweet time to come through), so I’m paranoid about giving you anything hard to eat. The Puffs that are marketed to “crawlers” are a complete no-go. They do not dissolve in your mouth as they claim they do.


** You are such a good walker when holding onto something. You are FAST. Crawling or walking you are FAST. Just recently, when you’re crawling, you’ve started putting your head really low while your face is parallel to the floor and you barrel ahead. It’s almost like you’ve figured out aerodynamics.


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