8 Months of Charlotte

December 18, 2014

8 Months of Charlotte!




**On November 23rd, we felt the beginnings of your first tooth (on the bottom) poking through. I shed a tear because that means your gummy smile won’t last forever.


**On November 29th, we felt the beginnings of your second tooth… the first tooth’s neighbor.


** You LOVE shoes (you are your mothers daughter). As soon as you spot a pair on the floor, you make a beeline to them to try and get them in your mouth before someone stops you.


** You plop down like it’s no ones business. You have no fear of letting go of whatever you’re holding onto, in order to crawl to your next destination.


** You love having “Battle of the cackles” with mom and dad. Your whole body gets into it and works so hard to get those cackles out.


**You’ve mastered the art of making fart sounds with your mouth. I love seeing you learn new things, but I don’t really care for you to make fart sounds as I feed you. Food. Goes. Everywhere.


**You are constantly standing in your crib when you’re done with a nap or awake for the day.


**You hate diaper changes! It’s absolute torture for you (and for the person changing your diaper).


** For the past 2-3 months, when you’re getting sleepy and we’re winding down and holding you before your nap or bedtime, you run your hands up and down our shirts, rolling our shirt sleeves in your hands, feeling the clothing between your fingers. It’s definitely a soothing mechanism of yours and I think it’s just so sweet :)


** You sneeze in two’s. The second sneeze ALWAYS produces a smile and a little cackle from you.


**After you’re done eating in your highchair and we’ve wiped your face and hands down, I give you the wipe to play with. It inevitably ends up on the floor and when I bend down to pick it up and look at you when I’m near the ground, you’re peering over the side of your highchair with the biggest grin on your face. You think it’s so funny that we’re below you! Or you’re working on the whole “object permanence” concept. We can play that game for a long time and neither of us get tired of it.


**You LOVE peek-a-boo! We play it with you daily and you’ve started playing back with us- peering around the corner… so cute.


**You’re crawling all over the house. I absolutely love seeing your little head peek around the corner.


** I call you “my little turtle” because your crawling reminds me of a baby turtle after it has hatched out of it’s shell and is crawling towards the water for the first time.


**Napping is still a mystery. Sometimes Most of the time it’s a 20-30 minute nap, but maybe once every 2 weeks you surprise us with an almost 2 hour nap.


** You climb on everything. Nothing is off-limits to you.


**You are a pro at feeding yourself. As soon as you see your bottle, you start grunting and wait for us to take the stopper and lid off and then you lunge for it with both hands and pull it to your mouth and tip your head back. We haven’t even stepped 2 feet away from the kitchen counter at this point.


**You have just started to get serious separation anxiety when mom leaves the room. It’s rough for everyone involved.


**Paper and plastic (bags). Both make you so incredibly happy and we’re sure they’ll occupy you for a very long time (30 minutes+ which is an eternity in your eyes I’m sure). Too bad neither are safe to let you play with.


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  1. Lauren says:

    8 MONTHS!!!! She has such a personality, and I love how you capture all of her quirks!

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