December 15, 2014

I definitely get crafty during the holiday’s, but I don’t know what it is about this holiday. I feel like I’m getting extra crafty. Maybe it’s because I haven’t crafted since Charlotte arrived.


I love seeing the different “NOEL” and “PEACE” word displays in the stores and ones that people make. Since we have a very curious little babe crawling around, I have to get a little more creative with our holiday decor (i.e. no more coffee table centerpiece, no more stockings hanging from our low entertainment center, no more Christmas tree that resides on the floor (we got a 4′ one this year that is elevated on a table) etc.). However, I didn’t want to lose that holiday feel in our house.


I bought these paper mache letters from the craft store and got to work. This was such an easy craft! First I painted the letters red, then traced them onto glittery paper and glued that to the front of the letter. Easy peasy. Not including paint-drying time, this project took about 20 minutes.



{Supplies: paper mache letters, (glitter) cardstock, glue, scissors, paint, paint brush, pencil}


peace2{Trace the letters onto the card stock. I was fortunate that 4 out of the 5 letters were interchangeable (i.e. I could trace the letter on the back of the card stock and it would work for the front). The ‘p’ was the only one I had to trace directly onto the front of the card stock.}


peace3{red backs and sides, gold front}




I would love to embellish these with ribbon, Christmas pics, jewels, etc, but I haven’t found the right item yet. Maybe I’ll embellish them next year!


Being displayed over the piano keeps them out of reach from someones curious little hands. She’ll have to settle with admiring the glittery letters from the comfort of the floor ;)


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