Christmas Wreath

December 3, 2014

I tend to do a different color/theme/decor each Christmas, so our front door wreath typically reflects that particular years theme. However, I saw this scalloped felt wreath and really wanted to try my hand at it, so typical-red-and-green-Christmas-wreath it is!


I’ve made a couple wreaths with the straw wreath form before (this one and this one) and I really like them. They’re very easy to work with and you can take them apart and use the form over and over (if you get tired of your wreath) so they’re very versatile in that way :) As always, this wreath could easily be adapted to any holiday.


Tracing the scallops and cutting the felt was very time-consuming, but layering it and pinning it to the wreath was a breeze. I ended up using 5 sheets of felt for each color, so 15 sheets of felt total (I got about 7 scallop pieces per sheet of felt).


Charlotte helped me napped while I made this, but still managed to have glitter all over her face. Ah, glitter. I shake my fist at you.


wreath1{Supplies: wreath, felt, sprigs, ribbon, pins/glue, scissors, scallop template}


wreath2{Step 1: Trace your template on felt and cut many, many, many strips of felt.}


wreath3{Step 2: Glue/pin your felt around the wreath. I decided to use pins so that I can take this wreath apart and still use the straw wreath form if I ever get tired of it.}


wreath4{Wreath form all ready for ribbon and some glittery accessories!}


wreath6{Step 3: Attach the sprigs to the felt. I pinned just 3 leaves to the wreath. The pins are barely visible.}


wreath5{Step 4: Cut the ribbon to the length you’d like, tie a pretty bow and hang on display!}


Merry Christmas!





  1. Lauren says:

    This is so beautiful! I can’t wait until we’re neighbors and you can come decorate my place. PS- the only thing that would have made this post better would have been a picture of Charlie with glitter on her face.

  2. robin whiffen says:

    It is so festive and holiday pretty.

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