7 Months of Charlotte

November 23, 2014

Closer to a one-year old rather than a newborn. How did that happen?


 7months{Month 7 = about to escape from the basket}


** You have monkey toes!! Diaper changes are quite the ordeal now-a-days as your toes are constantly grabbing the wire basket hanging above your changing table. We’ve already had to take down the photo hanging above your table and move your headband jar, so I’m hoping the basket can remain or else this will be one plain lookin’ wall. We’ve tried keeping toys there to distract you, but you’re onto us.


** You’re on solids now! So far you’ve enjoyed carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, blueberries, zucchini, pumpkin and green beans.


** At 6 months and one week you were officially crawling (Oct 27, 2014). Since then you have been moving so. much. It’s hard to keep up with you. You are moving and grooving everywhere. You get very frustrated if you can’t get there fast enough.


** I make this funny, vibrating voice with my throat and you smile every. single. time. If you’re not looking at me and I start to do it, you just start smiling.


** You are SO strong! Your grip is amazing. We were at a restaurant with friends and I was sitting sideways at the table, holding you. All of a sudden you have my glass water cup in your hand! After dumping all the water out, you were just holding onto the cup like it was no big deal.


** At 6 1/2 months we had to lower your mattress. You woke up from a nap and within 10 seconds, you were STANDING in your crib. We heard you cry, looked at the monitor, watched you roll to the side of your crib, grab one of the slats and hoist yourself up to a standing position! We freaked out and ran to your room. I was terrified you were going to topple over to the ground. Within 20 minutes dad took the crib apart and lowered your mattress.


** You want to stand all day long. And bounce. You are a standing, bouncing machine.


** You pull yourself up on everything. This has caused you to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes. I look at the monitor and you’re standing there crying. I hope this phase passes fast.


** When we hold you now, you always need both arms facing forward.  You cannot have one arm over our shoulder/around our back (as evidenced in this post). You just can’t miss out any anything.


** NOTHING gets by you. Everything new we do…. you notice. We put a soft corner cover on our side table. You didn’t see us put it on, but next time you were on the couch you definitely noticed it and lunged for it. You touched it and inspected it and then tried to chew it off.


** You love your tongue. You’re constantly sticking it out, making funny noises with it, playing with it, rolling it, etc.


** You cannot get enough of Mama’s hair. I fear I’ll be bald by the time you’re one. Daddy asks me every day, when I’m going to give in and just wear a ponytail. I have hope that one day you’ll understand what “Ouch, we don’t pull hair, that hurts mommy” means.


** You get SO excited when we come get you in the morning. We’ll hear you talking and that’s our cue to get you.  As soon as you see us, you smile and flap your arms and kick your legs so hard onto your mattress.  It’s just the cutest thing!!!I imagine you’re thinking “Oh, hey! I know you! Awesome, you came to get me!”


** I love our nighttime routine. After your bath and you’re in your pj’s we rock in your nursery and sing lullabies. I love these sweet moments and look forward to them each evening!


** Sleep is still a bit of a mystery to us. Some nights you sleep through the night and some nights you don’t. Sometimes you take an hour nap (I think that’s the longest it has ever been for you) and sometimes you take a 20 minute nap. We do the same “going to sleep” routine every time (minus the bath for naps) and we just can’t figure it out.


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