Bates Nut Farm 2014

October 14, 2014

The title of this post includes the year because I’m certain we’ll be back year after year ;)


I’ve been wanting to go here for the past 10 years, but there has always been something that has come up. Now that we have Charlotte, we just HAD to go – no excuses. Matt was a little confused as to why we were going and I gave him an incredulous look and said “It’s because we have Charlotte.” He said “Oh yeah, I guess we have to take her there once.” Ummmmmm, we’ll be going every year, dad. And get ready for all the fall, winter, spring and summer activities that lie ahead :)


Charlotte was extra feisty on Sunday morning when I was putting her outfit on, so I knew it was the perfect day to take her to the farm! She’s been working on all kinds of new sounds and I’m certain she was trying to explain her excitement about all the fun pumpkin-y things that awaited her.


Bates Nut Farm was pretty fantastically festive. I love these kinds of places. It reminded me a lot of Gull Meadow Farms in Michigan, but on a smaller scale. I think the only thing that would have made the experience better was if it were 60 degrees, not 80 degrees. Charlotte had a blast with all the pumpkins, too!


bates1{In front of all the ponies. One was named Charlie :)}


bates2{Charlotte and daddy}


bates3{I swear she’s trying to figure out how to get this pumpkin into her mouth.}


bates4{Wheelbarrows of pumpkins everywhere.}


bates5{I had way too much fun putting this outfit together.}


bates6{Most of the group. Amazing what a burp rag in your back pocket can do…. puts a little junk in the trunk ;}


bates7{We spotted the largest pumpkins in the patch.}


bates8{She found the perfect pumpkin! (And her curled up toes!!! Can you just stand it?!?!)}


I don’t know who is more excited to go back next year- Matt or Charlotte?? We’ll definitely be going earlier in the season… perhaps even in September!


Ps. I promise that Charlotte smiles… a ton. She has definitely started the I-need-to-assess-the-situation-before-I-give-a-smile stage. Also, I think it might have all been a little overwhelming for her. And she was probably confused wondering if she was a pumpkin, too, since she was the same color as them ;)




  1. Lauren says:

    Ain’t no junk in that trunk, girl!

  2. Kira says:

    The outfit kills me!!! Oh my gosh what a cutie!!! Looks like fun! We’ll have to join you next year!

  3. Ly says:

    Aww what a cutie!! This outfit needs a few more wears for sure :)

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