Happy October 1st Eve!!

September 30, 2014

Can you believe tomorrow is October 1?! Just an FYI that there are only 12 more Friday’s until Christmas!!! Eek!


Unfortunately with the beginning of October comes another heat wave in Southern Cali. I’m considering everything over 83 degrees a heat wave. When will this heat end?? I just can’t take much more of it. I know I sound like a broken record, but will this please let up soooooon?


Below are some recent photos before they become not-recent photos. I’m hoping the tank tops, shorts and onesies that fill these photos will be packed away reeeeeeeal soon and we’ll be busting out our jeans, sweaters and boots!


coronado2{Coronado with my baby girl.}

 pigtails{Her first pigtails!! I seriously can’t get enough of them.}


froyo{On our way to get fro yo during one of our recent heat waves.}


2014-09-19 06.58.05{Helping me get ready in the morning and making silly faces while we’re at it.}


2014-09-21 14.11.37{Loves sitting on her Nook mat while chewing on Sophie.}


2014-09-21 15.42.47{I just LOVE this outfit on her! All set for Valentine’s Day :)}


babystore{Testing out new toys at the store. Her arm rolls. They’re too much. I want to squeeze them and kiss them all day long.}


Can’t wait for all the fun Fall-October-November goodness ahead!



  1. Venus LeBel says:

    I love all these pix!! And I’m over this heatwave too!!! Make it stop!! Xoxo

  2. robin whiffen says:

    LOVE that “red lips” outfit!!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Aaaaarrrgghhhh! I canNOT stand how precious this child is- I want to cuddle with her so badly!

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