5 Months of Charlotte

September 25, 2014

5 months of Charlotte!


 5months{Month 5 = She’s noticed Frank! (the giraffe)}


** Most of the time, you need to take in the situation before you decide if it’s worthy of your beautiful smile. However, within minutes of eating or just waking up, you will give a smile out to anyone and everyone.


**You want to be in the mix. Daddy still says you have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


**We’ve finally started giving you a bath in your tub (prior to this we were giving you a bath on a beach towel on the kitchen counter… it was just easier since you couldn’t sit up). The first couple nights you cried/fussed when we put you in and you definitely had the look of “what the F is this?!” on your face, but since then you’ve enjoyed it most nights. We plop you in and you sit there holding your ankles for a little while watching your rubber ducky and turtle float by. Eventually you start vigorously splashing and get water all over your face (and everywhere else). Seeing your eyelashes clump together when they’re wet and you looking so confused as to why your face is wet?! I don’t think there’s anything cuter


** You gave daddy a bloody nose. Yep. Your reflexes are so jerky and fast that you jerked your hand UP his nose before he had time to react :)


**You had your first cold. I was so nervous for what the nights would hold for us regarding your sleep, but, dare I say, I think you slept better during your cold than you normally do. We had to use the snot-sucker bulb on you and you were sooooooo cute. Your face would get all squishy and you would lie still and grab onto our arms so we could get all the snot out. You were very confused when I gave you your pacifier at night though because you couldn’t figure out why you had a hard time breathing (since your nose was stuffed up) when something was in your mouth. Unfortunately you gave your cold to Grandma, but mom and dad managed to stay clear of it miraculously.


** You reach for anything!! This makes drinking coffee in the morning a little tricky now-a-days.


**You’ve started rolling from front to back! YAY!!


**You are such a good sitter. As long as you have toys in front of you, you’re a happy camper.


**You still love to talk! We’re constantly hearing different sounds.


**You purse your lips together all time time and form lots of bubbles!


**You will put anything and everything in your mouth. This includes, but is not limited to my shoulders and knees (if I have my legs pulled up and you’re doing tummy time facing outwards).


**Changing diapers has become slightly challenging as you lunge and grab anything you see and you roll over immediately upon putting you on your changing pad.


**You whip your head around when you hear mom or dad’s voice when you haven’t heard it for a little while. It’s the.cutest.thing.ever.


**You’ve started frowning when you cry. It’s so endearing.


**You’ve started to hold your own bottle. You can’t hold it during your entire meal, but you do a pretty good job of it for a little while.


**You’ve also started to recognize your bottle. If we’re holding it in one hand and you in the other arm, you’re definitely leaning your whole body towards it trying to get it in your mouth. That’s pretty darn cute, too.


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  1. Venus LeBel says:

    I LOVE this little girl!! I can’t believe how big she’s getting!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Everything she does is cute!! And I love seeing her and Frank form a bond. Sweet of her to let him back in this month :)

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