Motivational Quote Collage

September 18, 2014

The credit for this post goes to my sister since I stole the idea from her :)


I’m a sucker for some good quotes. Especially when they’re in pretty fonts with pretty backgrounds. When I saw a framed collage of quotes my sister made a friend, I knew I had to make one for my friends recent birthday, but with my own spin on it.


This project is pretty simple, although a little tedious with the cutting and gluing.




motcol2{cut out all the quotes}


motcol3{glue cardstock onto the back for an added layer, leaving about a 1/8″ border around the quotes}


motcol4{lay the quotes out where you’d like them}


motcol5{start gluing with the outside quotes}


motcol6{try to leave some space between the quotes}


motcol7{washi tape time!}


motcol8{place your washi tape however you’d like, place the completed collage in the frame and finish by gluing flowers onto the frame}


The quotes were copy and pasted into a PowerPoint slide, so the individual quote sizes could be easily manipulated. After I was happy with the PowerPoint Print, I printed out the collage and got to work. I made sure to not print to the very edge of the paper, so there would be some allowance for the card stock to show and quotes not to be glued on top of each other.


I was going to use the paint pen to make designs on the black background/card stock along with the washi tape, but once the tape was laid down, I thought the paint pen designs might be a bit too much.



  1. Venus LeBel says:

    This is so amazing and sweet!! Your friend sure is lucky!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Looks so great! I love the flowers and the washi tape!

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